Are Longboard and Skateboard Bearings the Same?

Longboards and skateboards have a lot of similarities. Beginners often find it challenging to differentiate between both board types at first. That is why when it comes to replacing the bearings of skateboards or longboards, beginners often wonder: are longboard and skateboard bearings the same, or is there any difference between them?

So, if you have a similar query, this is the place where you’ll get its answer.

Are Longboard and Skateboard Bearings the Same

In this blog post, we’ll determine whether the bearings used in longboards and skateboards are similar by discussing their physical attributes and pricing. But first, we’ll briefly discuss bearings and their role on the boards.

This way, beginners and experts will be on the same page. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.


What Are Bearings?

As the name depicts, bearings are little, round metal rings that play a significant role in keeping the wheels of skateboards or longboards rolling smoothly, and that too with minimal effort. These rings comprise an inner and outer metal piece, with tiny metal balls or rollers nestled between them.

Bearings are essential to the functioning of a longboard or skateboard. How? Let’s find out through different factors.

  • Bearings minimize friction between the axle and wheels, letting the rider go faster with less effort.
  • If the wheels didn’t have bearings, they would not be able to rotate smoothly. In such a situation, riders would have to exert more energy to gain speed.
  • Bearings play a crucial role in maintaining control and stability. For instance, good quality bearings help the wheels spin evenly and smoothly, which minimizes the risk of losing balance or wobbling while riding.

Are Longboard Bearings the Same As Skateboard Bearings?

By now, you may have a basic understanding of bearings and their importance in boards. So, let’s answer the elephant in the room.

While longboards and skateboards have the same purpose, the bearings used in both board types are different.

So, you can’t use the same bearings for longboards and skateboards. However, let’s elaborate more on this by exploring the physical attributes and pricing of bearings used in long and skateboards.

1. Size

When it comes to comparing longboard and skateboard bearings, the main distinction lies in their size. And that is why we’ve started this comparison with ‘size.

Longboard bearings can have a diameter ranging from 22mm to 28mm, whereas skateboard bearings typically have a 22mm diameter.

So, according to this measurement, longboard bearings are typically bigger and broader than skateboard bearings. That is why longboard bearings can support more weight and withstand greater pressure.

2. Shielding

Another distinction between the bearings of longboards and skateboards lies in their shielding. How? Let’s see.

Bearings feature a metal shield on both sides, which safeguards them against dirt, dust and other unwanted elements. That shield in skateboard bearings is easier to clean and maintain because of its removable nature.

However, the shielding in longboard bearings is non-removable. Therefore, longboard bearings are harder to clean and more durable than skateboard bearings.

3. Precision

Generally, people use longboards for riding at higher speeds and longer distances and skateboards for performing tricks and stunts. So, considering the use cases of both board types, bearings need to be more efficient and reliable in longboards than skateboards. And that’s exactly what board manufacturers do.

Thus, the precision of bearings is another reason why longboard and skateboard bearings can’t be the same.

4. Price

As we’ve discussed earlier, longboard bearings are bigger, more precise and more durable than skateboard bearings. Therefore, the bearings used in longboards are more expensive than skateboard bearings. And this factor represents another difference between the bearings of skateboards and longboards.

Longboard vs. Skateboard – What is the difference?

Longboards have broader wheels and a more flexible deck than skateboards. They (longboards) are also longer and wider. So, manufacturers design longboards for cruising, transit, sliding, and downhill racing.

On the other hand, skateboards have sturdier decks and smaller wheels, which is why they are more maneuverable.

So, manufacturers design skateboards for stunts and technical skating, such as vert and street skating.

What Are The Best Longboard Bearings For Distance?

Longboard bearings that are made to provide a smooth, constant roll over long distances without requiring regular maintenance are often the best for distance.

So, some of the most popular longboarding bearing options for distance are:

  • Bones Swiss Ceramic bearings.
  • Bronson Speed Co. G3 bearings.
  • Oust MOC 9 Airrr bearings.

What Are The Best Longboard Bearings For Speed?

Longboard bearings that minimize friction and maximize speed are often the best choices for achieving faster speeds with less effort.

So, some of the most popular longboarding bearings options for speed are:

  • Bones Ceramic Super Reds.
  • Oust Ceramic MOC 9.
  • Yellow Jacket Titanium.

What Bearings To Use With The Longboard?

Your riding style and personal preferences will determine the type of bearings you should use with your longboard. For instance, you should choose bearings with a higher ABEC rating if you want to use your longboard for commuting and cruising because doing so will allow room for smoother, quicker performance.

But if you want to use your longboard for downhill racing or sliding, we recommend choosing bearings with built-in spacers because doing so will allow room for more stability and control.

Additionally, the bearing selection also depends on longboard wheels because not all bearings work with longboard wheels.

Wrapping Up – The Conclusion

To wrap things up, it’s important to note that although longboard and skateboard bearings may seem similar, they’re quite different. The main objective of both types of bearings is to ensure that the wheels can rotate effortlessly.

But their size, structure, and toughness vary.

Longboard bearings are usually bigger and tougher to handle the extra weight and higher velocities of longboards. On the other hand, skateboard bearings are smaller and lighter, enabling more flexibility and tricks.

So, it is essential to choose the correct bearing for your board. Otherwise, you’ll put your safety at risk.

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Are All Longboard Bearings The Same Size?

No, longboard bearings are not all the same size. They are available in a variety of sizes and specifications. Therefore, choosing the suitable size and rating for your longboard’s wheels and axles is critical.

Are Longboard And Skateboard Bearings Different?

Yes. Longboards and skateboards have different bearings. Longboard bearings are usually bigger and tougher to handle the extra weight and higher velocities of longboards. On the other hand, skateboard bearings are smaller and lighter, enabling more flexibility and tricks.

Are Skateboard Bearings Universal?

Skateboard bearings are not available in all sizes. Skateboard bearings are made to fit specific skateboard wheels and are available in various sizes and specifications, including ABEC. So, to guarantee appropriate performance and safety, it’s critical to select bearings compatible with your skateboard’s wheels.

Can You Use Longboard Bearings For A Skateboard?

It is possible to utilize longboard bearings with a skateboard. However, it may not be the best solution. That’s because compared to skateboard bearings, longboard bearings are typically bigger and have a higher ABEC rating.

While this can result in smoother and quicker performance, it might also make the wheels protrude from the board more, which might compromise control and stability.

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