Can Longboard Trucks Work On A Skateboard?

Skateboards and longboards are two different things but some of the parts of both of these can work together pretty efficiently. And the longboard trucks are one of them. Yes, you heard me right; longboard trucks can work on skateboards.

But people usually ask can longboard trucks work on a skateboard to get into the details of what it takes and what they offer.

Can longboard trucks work on a skateboard?

So please read this article thoroughly to fully understand how to put the longboard trucks on a skateboard and what benefits or disadvantages they bring to the table because of this combo.


Can Longboard Trucks Work On A Skateboard?

Yes, the longboard trucks work fine on the skateboard. In fact, when we tested them out both in a combination, it turned out to be a great combo. It’s because you get the stability of a longboard because of its trucks.

Additionally, as you are riding a skateboard, so you get a lot of maneuverability of a skateboard because it’s a skateboard. So it is a double benefit for you if you think about it.

But there are some factors that you need to take care of while replacing the longboard trucks with skateboard trucks.

Important Considerations Before Replacing The Skateboard Trucks With Longboard Ones

  • The very first thing to take care of is the skateboard deck width. This is because of the fact that longboard trucks are wider in comparison to skateboard trucks. And you’ll have to look for a skateboard deck that is at least 8.25 inches or more in width for a better fit.
  • Axle length is also significant in considering the extra maneuverability of your board. If you want more maneuverability, you should find an axle shorter in length. It’s because the longboard axles usually have more length as compared to the skateboard axle length. So they don’t really provide much maneuverability.
  • Bushings should be able to handle any impact efficiently hence, they need to be strong. You can use harder bushings in your longboard trucks rather than soft bushings. If you don’t find hard ones then even the medium ones can also work for you.

Things You Should Know Before Replacing The Skateboard Trucks With Longboard Trucks

The longboard trucks and wheels are more on the stable side where you don’t feel any bumps or road impacts during the ride. And this is one of the major reasons why you need to replace your skateboard trucks with longboard trucks.

Also, if you think about it you will ride your skateboard a lot more smoothly than you may have thought.

Beginners usually require more stable skateboards as they’re still in the learning phase. Hence, because of the low center of gravity, these longboard trucks are the best choice for you.

Let’s see what other benefits of the longboard trucks installed in a skateboard.

Advantages Of Longboard Trucks On A Skateboard


Longboards have bigger wheelbases and longer axles. On top of that, their center of gravity is lower so you won’t tip over even at high speed and sharp turns.

Also, if you’re catching some speed you will feel the balance in your ride and how smoothly you go further.

You can take the skateboard with longboard trucks downhill or uphill easily without fearing the imbalance you may face without them.

Ideal For Commuting

Skateboard is one of the best devices for commuting because you don’t have to worry about anything. You just need to stand on your skateboard and start pushing a little.

And if you have longboard trucks installed on your skateboard, then it will run even faster. This is because longboards are designed to be fast and stable and not let you feel any bumps on the road.

So whenever you feel like you need to go to the city side or downtown, you must use the skateboard with the longboard trucks.

Easy Turning

A lower center of gravity helps you in achieving stability, and speed. But it doesn’t stop here as you get a lot of maneuverability like sharp turning during the speedy rides.

And since the longboard trucks have a lower center of gravity, you will get an easy time maneuvering through your way.

Double Benefits

As longboard trucks are specially designed for longboards but skateboards and longboards have different functionalities.

Hence, when you install the longboard trucks under a skateboard, you get a lot of maneuverability as well as complete characteristics of the skateboard.

Disadvantages Of Longboard Trucks On A Skateboard

You may think that these advantages are enough for you after installing a longboard truck under your skateboard.

But this is not just it, there’s a lot more to it. You should know everything about the combo that you just made.

Here are some of the major cons of installing longboard trucks under a normal skateboard.

Becomes Difficult To Do Skateboard Tricks

The longboard trucks are bigger and wider as well as heavier than the normal skateboard trucks.

Hence, when you ride a skateboard with the longboard trucks underneath it, you will see that you won’t be able to do many of the traditional tricks of the skateboard. The tricks that get influenced by it the most are flip tricks and Ollie.

Higher Risk Of Wheels Bite

Wheel bite is a major problem in skateboards especially when you install the longboard trucks underneath them. It mostly happens when you are turning or trying to do a trick.

So what happens is that when you turn or try to do a trick that is not for your skateboard after the replacement of the trucks, the wheels touch the skateboard deck.

And when the wheels come in contact with the deck and you are turning or in any position where your weight is on the wheels indirectly, it becomes slower. And by slower we mean it can actually throw you off the board if it happens for a little while.

So make sure you don’t face the wheel bite so you stay safe.

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Can longboard trucks work on a skateboard? So after all this explanation of every little detail, if you are looking for a short and crisp answer, yes, the longboard trucks work on a skateboard.

But there are certain considerations you need to take care of before replacing your skateboard trucks with longboard trucks. Please read the complete article above to understand all about it properly.

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