Does Longboarding Work Your Abs?

Exercising is a good hobby and must be everyone’s habit but unfortunately, it is not like this. But ever since longboards are introduced, the practice of proper exercise or workout is getting obsolete. This is because people are coming more towards longboarding.

After all, they think that there’s no other way of getting fit than by having fun on the longboards. This is initially just a sport but now becoming more famous as a workout routine as well.

So now most of you gym freaks would be asking does longboarding work your abs. Let’s find out.

Does Longboarding Work Your Abs?


Does Longboarding Work Your Abs?

If you want to get a simple and short answer then yes, longboarding works your abs. But there’s some explanation to do from our side. Actually, longboarding is now a form of exercise that even helps you lose weight and provides other health benefits. But when it comes to gaining abs, there’s a process behind it.

When you longboard for an hour daily, it targets your legs, joints, and other parts of your body. But the most parts of your body that get affected by this are your muscles and skills. So the muscles include various types of muscles but the most affected muscles are the core muscles. Core muscles help you stay on the longboard and maintain your balance on it during the ride. 

When these muscles are activated the most amount of time during a longboarding session, they get hardened as it happens in the gym. And if you’re familiar with the gym exercises, you can add a little bit of weight lifting with it. Eventually, your core muscles will gain strength and abs will follow after some time of proper and regular riding.

But as we said earlier, a longboard is not mainly used for exercising, so what it is and how it came into existence? Let’s find out.

What does longboard mean?

So longboarding is actually a way of transportation by using a longboard instead of a skateboard and having fun with it. The first intention of the invention of a longboard was to travel from point A to point B as that’s why longboards are longer, heavier, and have bigger wheels than skateboards.

But this didn’t go as planned and people started using it for just having fun in the start. Though, now we’re seeing more people moving around in the town and especially the students on university campuses on their longboards.

Longboards don’t require a lot of expertise from the rider to ride and you don’t need to worry about balancing yourself and learning this skill. So, even beginners can travel to any long-distance location with ease on their longboard.

What Is a Longboard Used for?

We know that by now you must already know about the uses of a longboard. But still, for those of you who didn’t get it, longboards are used for traveling. The travel distance can be either short or long distances but you have to know a little bit about longboarding before riding one. This is why we say that even beginners can also ride longboards very easily.

These longboards are a little pricier than a skateboard so you have to bear with us but when you see their usage benefits, you will see it justified. 

When it comes to individual riding usage, it can be anything or for any reason. For example, you can ride the longboard if you want to go cruising on the nearest beach. Similarly, anyone can learn longboarding easily and then try different new tricks of longboarding just to have fun.

So whatever way you like to use your longboard in, it is up to you but remembers that it has a lot of physical and mental health benefits for the riders.

Where Did Longboarding Originate?

Longboarding is a worldwide famous sport now but who knows its origin? Let’s tell you some important and interesting facts about longboarding. This amazing sport was invented in Hawaii back in the 1950s. The people there were very fond of riding the waves but when they used to see that the waves were weak on certain days, they used to ride longboards on the sidewalk roads by the beaches.

Then this sport initially started being called “sidewalk surfing” and people started joining in in huge numbers. 

Eventually, after the popularity of this sport in Hawaii, the people of U. S. A. and California, and overall the West started to enjoy it more. So it instantly became an international sport in a very short time. 

Invention of longboarding

Longboarding is an invention that originated in Hawaiian streets because of the unavailability of the waves in the sea. So whenever the waves were too weak or too low for surfing, the surfers of Hawaii started customizing their skateboards.

Their customizations gave birth to another fun sport in this world when they started to make their decks longer and use larger wheels in their skateboards. The reason to make their skateboards bigger was to feel like they were riding the waves in the ocean but little did they know that they were giving us another way of having fun.

The initial or very first longboards were only the model of these longboards of the modern age. Actually, surfers of that time brought up this idea and made a prototype of the longboard with random screws attached by hands on their skateboards.

At first, it was just for the die-hard fans of surfing they used to practice on the longboards but then it became very popular in a short time. After its popularity, the big brands saw the potential and they started manufacturing the longboards after some time.

The first factory-made longboard was made available on the market in 1958.

Is longboarding a good way to lose weight?

Yes, it is a good way to lose weight but for a lot of certain reasons that you should know. Longboarding is a fun sport and it helps one lose weight but this is not as effective as skateboarding. This is because the number of calories burnt during skateboarding is more than during longboarding. But still, as it is a fun way to exercise, you can count on it as well.

Will longboarding build leg muscle?

Yes, longboarding keeps your legs mainly engaged in pushing, braking, turning, doing tricks, and kicking. And that’s why your leg muscles get stronger with each passing day of longboarding. Although at first, your feet feel sore you should keep in mind that this is a hardship that doesn’t last long. So your quadriceps, core muscles, abdominals, deltoids, and many more muscle groups become stronger with longboarding.

Can skateboarding give you abs?

Skateboard is a lot harder sport than longboarding and therefore, its effects on your health are also different than it. Skateboarding burns a lot more calories per minute than longboarding. Similarly, skateboarding builds a lot of muscles in your body because all your muscles get actively involved in the sport. And that’s why when you balance, maneuver, and brake on the skateboard, it even gets you abs.

How fast do longboards go?

As longboards are made with traveling in mind so their speed is very high if you can control it. For a normal longboard, the speed can go up to 6 mph but if it is being ridden downhill, then you can even go as fast as 50 – 65 miles per hour. The speed is increased when the longboard’s larger wheels are moving on their own and you don’t have to push anymore after one single push. However the longboard started moving, and the speed range depends on various factors.

Is longboarding an extreme sport?

No, longboarding is not an extreme sport in all situations. This is because longboards can be controlled easily and you can reduce their speeds whenever you like. Although a beginner and even some experienced also may fall occasionally. But this doesn’t mean that it becomes an extreme sport. 

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Although downhill longboarding can be counted as an extreme sport. This is because in downhill longboarding, most of the control is not in your hands and you cannot move everyone out of your way.

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