How Many Calories Does Longboarding Burn?

People might think that surfing has more health benefits and they feel bad if they’re living in a landlocked area. But that’s not true because if you are living in a landlocked area, you still can get the same or even more health benefits with another famous sport.

It’s called longboarding. We’ve seen almost all beginners in longboarding asking this question how many calories does longboarding burn? You should know that longboarding is a fun activity as well as helps you gain fitness in a matter of a few days after regular longboarding.

How Many Calories Does Longboarding Burn

Let’s dive deeper into this topic to find out about all the health benefits of longboarding.


How Many Calories Does Longboarding Burn?

Longboarding keeps you healthy as well as releases your stress levels because it is a fun activity. Some people do this because they just like it and nothing else while there are people who like to do fun activities but with some benefits.

Below are some very important health benefits of longboarding.

Cardio And Heart Health

Any kind of physical activity that you do is called cardio. Basically what happens is that when you move or do any kind of physical exercise or something that makes your heart beat faster is called cardio.

And when you ride the longboard, it makes your heart beat faster and that’s why resultantly your cardiovascular system becomes stronger. Also, it turns into a workout when the blood flows rapidly in the body and all your muscles get more oxygen from your blood. It eventually helps in losing fat.

You may already know that athletes have more stamina and their lungs keep up with their body strength even after a few kilometers or a heavy exercise. Similarly, longboarding also helps you in improving your stamina as well as blessing your lungs with extra strength.

The health benefits of longboarding don’t just stop here because there’s a lot more to it. If you want to get all the health benefits of longboarding, you should try to include it in your daily routine.

You can even take the longboard to your work because it makes for a great workout. Once you start practicing it regularly, you will definitely see a big difference in your fitness.

If you’re wondering which longboard is best for this purpose, we’d suggest you get the shorter longboard. This is because shorter longboards are easy to carry and push and you can put them inside your bag once you reach your workplace.

Workout And Lose Fat

We have already told you how beneficial longboarding is for you. As this is a fun way to enjoy and get advantages simultaneously, let’s see to what extent you benefit from it.

A person of 125 pounds of weight rides a longboard and has fun for one hour, that means he has burnt 300 calories by just having fun. Similarly, if the person weighs 185 pounds, then the calorie count will be more for example 444 calories for a 185-pound person.

So don’t lose hope and keep enjoying.

But one important thing you should know here, your diet has the biggest role in your body’s fats and shape. If you can manage to carry a well-balanced diet and healthy food in your belly, then it is a matter of a few days before you will get in shape.

Ride a longboard every day for your little chores and all or just for having fun, and you’ll lose 2000-3000 calories per week easily. And the health benefits of longboarding don’t end here so stay tuned till the end.

Helps Improve Strength

Legs are the most important part of your body strength because you get most of the work done by your legs during a longboard ride. Therefore, this sport is quite a good one for your legs as when you balance yourself on one leg and start pushing your board forward with the other.

It helps you activate your leg muscles to the fullest and when you break your speed, do some tricks and twists and turns. Longboarding makes your gluteus and quad very light because they become powerful and produce a lot of energy for your body.

While trying to increase your muscle power, you need to know what muscles get positively affected by the activity.

  • Triceps
  • Deltoids
  • Rectus abdominis
  • Oblique
  • Biceps
  • The Trapezius
  • Latissimus Dorsi


Flexibility is one of the biggest flexes of skaters. Even though we have already told you enough health benefits of longboarding but still you need to know every little detail about it.

Longboarding makes you lose at least 4-7 calories every minute during the ride but still, the amount of flexibility your body attains is just amazing.

According to doctors, is it mostly seen that a healthy and fit body lives longer than an unhealthy and unfit body?

But if you look at the stats of a flexible body, the flexible body lives even longer than a healthy body. It is because the flexibility makes your body dynamic and you stay younger for a longer period.


Balance is what we lack the most in our lives whether it is a physical balance or mental balance. But it is very important for a healthy and prosperous life therefore, we need to cherish the fact that longboarding improves your balancing abilities.

The most it benefits of the skill is the physical balancing ability. Your overall coordination of the body and its management will become easier for you and eventually your legs will become even stronger if you stand on a leg one by one.

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Now you must know how many calories longboarding burns but what about other health benefits? Therefore, if you still don’t know what health benefits it provides you, here are some of them. Stress relief, confidence, self-gratification, mental health, stronger bones, better sleep, and increased overall stamina.

These are just some second-level health benefits that you don’t feel immediately but they’re there. But any exercise would give you a lot of benefits similarly the list of advantages of longboarding can go on as well.

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