How Much Does A Custom Longboard Cost

A longboard is used mainly for cruising and transportation. Its body shape and design, combined with its soft wheels, make it extremely comfortable, even on rougher surfaces.

And it is getting more popular day by day, and a lot of people are trying to buy one of them. If you are one of them, this is a quick guide for you about the cost of a longboard.

There are a lot of longboards on the market that are not very pricey, and you can get them at a minimal cost of 40-50 dollars, but you may regret your choice instantly.

A cheaper longboard can affect your boarding or cruising experience. That’s why you have to buy a much higher-priced longboard.

How Much Does A Custom Longboard Cost

A good longboard can cost you more than 150 dollars, up to 400 dollars. But as a beginner, you should buy a moderately priced longboard, which costs about 250 dollars.


Factors that determine the cost of longboard

Some factors in longboards will determine their prices. These factors include brands of the longboard, size and riding technique, constructing a deck, upgraded trucks, an increase in wheel size, and upgraded bearings.

Brand of longboards

Here is a short breakdown of longboard prices for some of the most well-known companies on the market that provide high-quality, dependable, and trustworthy goods.

The following pricing ranges are based only on list prices, without regard to any special offers. Additionally, I excluded micro cruisers and giant dancers from the list and only included “standard” longboards.

  1. $150 to $210 for Arbor longboards.
  2. Longboards from Landyachtz: $170 to $250.
  3. (Excluding the $500 Chubby Unicorn Blood Slayer) Loaded longboards range from $290 to $360.
  4. Sphere longboards cost $150 to $230.

Deck construction costs

The longboard’s decks are made of different materials, and each material costs differently. For example, a deck that is made using bamboo will cost more than one made from wood. Even the same product but different deck material from a single brand will cost differently.

Another thing that counts in this subject is the technology and manufacturing process used in making the deck. The better the manufacturing technology, the better the longboard will be and the higher the cost.

For instance, Loaded’s longboards employ a specially designed mixture of vertically laminated bamboo and triaxial fiberglass joined with epoxy resin to produce a composite deck with a high-performance flex and a very long lifespan.

These decks are considerably more expensive than standard maple wood decks. To illustrate this, consider the price difference between two well-liked mid-sized longboards with a strong freestyle and freeride focus—the Loaded Tan Tien and the Arbor Catalyst, both made of maple.

Due in significant part to the sophisticated technologies used in the deck, The Loaded costs roughly twice as much.

The impact of the deck’s size on cost

It is a simple fact that the larger the size of the deck is, the higher the price will be. I.e., the XL size costs more than the small-size longboard. Because a lot of material goes into the making of larger decks.

Cost-wise, city cruisers, also known as mini-cruisers, that are 32 inches or shorter than a standard longboard — you may or may not really call them “longboards” — tend to be less expensive.

These mini-cruisers primarily serve skateboarders searching for a portable and reasonably priced board for quick city riding. Their lower material content may have an impact on their pricing.

The cost of longboarding and truck selection

The trucks & wheels that a longboard comes with are two important factors in determining how much a whole longboard costs. The majority of high-quality longboards are equipped with trucks from reliable manufacturers like Paris, Bear, Caliber, Randal, and Gullwing.

When purchased separately, longboard trucks from these manufacturers typically vary in price from $40 to $60 for a pair.

Undoubtedly, switching to better trucks will raise the price of your longboard.

The impact of wheel choice

Any longboard that comes in at a price between 150-250 dollars will have good wheels. A moderately good wheel will cost from 35-55 dollars.

The cost of your longboard will normally increase if you replace the standard wheels with larger ones, such as those that are 80 mm in diameter instead of 60 mm. Additionally, switching brands might raise the cost. Another important component of your setup cost is bearings.

Standard bearings that frequently come with longboards may be purchased for as little as $10, but high-quality bearings like Bones Reds can cost as much as $20 for an 8-pack.

Which brand is best for longboards?

St. Cruz Santa Cruz has been associated with skateboarding since it was founded in 1973, according to Arbor. “Skating and the environment go hand in hand for Arbor,” says Globe.

Stephen, Peter, and Matt Hill, three brothers, established Globe in the middle of the 1990s.

How much did it cost to make my longboard?

The total cost, excluding the time spent making your board, will probably be between $200 and $300 if you decide to design your own board.

Weight limit of a good longboard?

Particularly for the 8-ply boards, a longboard should be able to support a weight of between 200 and 250 lbs. This capability enables riders to move freely without having to worry about straining their board, which means they won’t have to worry about every annoying crack.

Can one perform tricks on a longboard?

One can still execute certain moves when using a longboard, though. Depending on the model, you may attempt hand paddling, carving, noseriding, and downhill sliding.

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Spending somewhat more than normal will be necessary if you want to have the greatest custom skateboard of your own. But with this, you’ll be able to acquire premium trucks, bearings, and wheels in addition to a striking top and bottom design. After reading this post, perhaps you now have an idea of how much a custom skateboard will cost based on your choices.

If you’re already serious about the sport and want something high-performance and really durable to accompany you as you evolve, you shouldn’t normally spend more than $250 on your first longboard. If you’re already serious about the sport and want something high-performance and really durable to accompany you as you evolve, you shouldn’t normally spend more than $250 on your first longboard.

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