How To Carry A Longboard Without Hassle?

When you’re on your longboard, you may sometimes find yourself in a situation where you’ll need to carry it. Traveling, climbing, riding a bicycle, walking on uneven terrain, or riding a bike or bicycle on rough terrain are just a few examples of these situations.

How To Carry A Longboard Without Hassle

However, do you know how to carry a longboard most effectively and safely? If you carry your board the wrong way, it may damage or make it impossible for you to ride it.

We are going to show you the best method of carrying your longboard in this blog post. For more information, make sure to keep reading!


How to Carry a Longboard? – All The Different Steps

Longboards are appropriate to carry in a variety of situations, including when climbing uphill, maneuvering around, commuting by bike, traveling in places where longboarding is not allowed, and long-distance travel.

Despite that, longboards can be cumbersome to carry, but they are definitely worth the effort. Here are some methods you need to know how to hold a longboard safely.

1. Take It In Your Hands

There is no better way to carry a longboard than by holding it in your hand. It is the most popular way to take a longboard since you can drop the deck and go for a ride immediately once you become tired.

Carrying a longboard on hand is convenient for stairs, crowded areas, short walks, and climbing hills.

2. With A Shoulder Strap

You can carry your longboard with a utility belt or shoulder strap that keeps your hands free. Due to their size, they can be pretty bothersome. The longboard strap allows you to walk, climb, and navigate places prohibited by the longboard.

3. Longboard Bags

Longboard bags provide a convenient way to carry longboards, but they can be expensive. Especially if you are taking a trip to a distant location, longboard bags are a better way to protect and secure your longboards.

These covers keep the board dry and protected from the sun.

4. Using A Backpack

Packing and carrying boards with longboard backpacks are the best options for street borders. Backpacks usually have separate compartments and longboard carry straps to secure the board.

It would be useful if you always took a backpack with you on long-distance rides and day trips. Since not all bags can accommodate longboards, they are somewhat limited.

5. Use A One-sided Shoulder Bag

These bags can be used as a backpack or as shoulder straps. A longboard bag generally has one strap to be carried over one shoulder, similar to a duffle bag.

In addition to offering better protection and comfort than backpacks, they also have fewer bulky pieces and can be folded much more easily than shoulder straps.

Can You Carry A Longboard On A Backpack?

With its compact size, a longboard is easy to carry in a backpack thanks to its ease of carrying. The straps attached to the bag actually make it easier for you to strap the longboard to the back of the backpack.

It is common for longboarders to hang their longboards on the straps of their backpacks when they are not riding. They can secure their boards better and are able to remove them from the bag more quickly this way.

Do You Push With Your Front Or Back Foot On A Longboard?

Pushing with your front or back foot on a longboard is all right for some longboarders, but not if you’re learning technical flips. However, it would be difficult to say that pushing with your front or back foot is supposed to be the wrong action in longboarding.

In other words, there is no right or wrong way to longboard, and as long as it works for you, you should be able to enjoy it. In addition, longboarders who push with their front or back foot are called “mongo.”

How Do You Attach A Longboard Bag?

Packing your board for travel is a brilliant idea, and there are several ways to do this efficiently and safely.

  • A holder-type backpack can hold your board, or you can strap it to a regular backpack.
  • Using longboard straps as backpacks can be a helpful way to carry their boards.
  • Some longboarders use specific straps, which attach to the bag’s clips.

Consideration of these factors is crucial when longboarders pack their boards into their backpacks. Therefore, there will be no damage or injury caused as a result of this method.

Is A Longboard Harder To Ride?

If we compare longboard vs skateboard, longboarding is a lot easier to learn instead of skateboarding. The advantage of longboards is that they are more comprehensive, longer, and have softer wheels, which make keeping your balance a lot easier.

On the other hand, it is more challenging to ride a skateboard because of its small size and the hardness of its wheels.

How To Carry A Longboard On A Bike?

To make your ride more manageable, here are some ways to bring a longboard with you on a bike.

  • You will need longboard straps if you want to attach your longboard to your body.
  • Use a longboard bag or longboard holder to increase security.
  • Carry a longboard in a backpack that has sufficient storage space.
  • If you do not want to carry your longboard on your body, you can use a longboard bicycle rack.
  • A bungee cord can secure the board to your bike rack or the bike frame.

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Wrapping Up – The Conclusion

In conclusion, you may learn how to carry a longboard conveniently and efficiently in any situation. You can opt from any of the above options that include grabbing with one hand or using straps and bags.

Always keep in mind that carrying your boards in some way will prove to be extremely beneficial to you in many ways. Moreover, don’t forget to wear your protective gear at all times to prevent injuries.

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