How To Pump Longboard – A Complete Guide

Although longboard pumping is not quite as popular, some people find it as fascinating as other styles like freeriding or longboard dancing.

Longboarding is the same as kick-pushing. The main purpose of longboard pumping is to gain speed and momentum.

You can use this trick on flat ground and uphills as well. Pumpers can also pump their longboards for miles at a very high speed.

How To Pump Longboard

It is one of the most addictive ways of riding a longboard. It is a very precise technique, which takes time to master and refine. But it has many benefits like it can give you a full body workout and it is very good for your heart.

In this post below, we are going to take a deep look at pumping and how to do it.


How To Pump Longboard

Pumping is a way of propelling yourself on a longboard. There is also an alternative term for this called slumping. And here is the physics of longboard pumping. You make coordinated swerving motions while using your weight as a propelling motor.

You may accelerate and gain inertia on your longboard by making little zigzag movements with your weight by shifting it slightly from left to right at the appropriate moments.

Pumping skateboard moves resemble tic-tac which is a technique for increasing speed on a board that involves raising your front wheels off the ground just a little bit by pressing down on the tail and swinging the front of your board back and forth while producing a tic-tac sound.

While you pump, your body moves fairly similarly, even if your wheels don’t leave the ground.

To learn how to do pumping precisely, you will have to watch videos or experience it yourself, as it is very difficult to put it into words. And also, this technique needs your whole body to perform.

Pushing may be a useful technique for gaining speed on your longboard if you’ve mastered maintaining balance on your steering leg and keeping your center of gravity steady while kicking with the other leg.


Pumping and carving are related to each other. While pumping is more intensive and gives you speed and momentum. The carving is the opposite.

You will move in an “S” like fashion, to reduce the rate and to gain better control. They are both useful.

Long Distance Pumping

Long-distance pumping includes both pushing and pumping. It’s a distinct sport also known as LDP.  LDP sessions can range from short, flat-surface cruises of 5 to 10 miles to lengthy marathons of over 25 miles.

Strong pumping abilities may advance your long-distance skating abilities by enabling you to combine pushing and pumping tactics that are incredibly effective to complete longer and quicker skating sessions.

Surfskating Vs Longboard Pumping

Longboard pumping may be a new idea, but pumping itself is not a new concept. Other sports, such as surfing, include it. In surf skating, the term used is rail shifting.

It comes with a similar longboarding pump. It is used to increase speed in the oceans.

Benefits Of Longboard Pumping

There are several benefits to longboard pumping. Even though it’s challenging to learn, if you get the hang of it, pumping allows you to maintain your longboard’s motion for much longer than pushing by merely moving your hips in a modest wave-like motion.

For lengthy rides, the proper setup may be far more effective and less taxing. Pumping is a forceful motion that, when executed correctly, can propel your longboard farther and quicker than just pushing over longer rides.

Pushing does train your core muscles, including your abs, lower back, psoas, and legs. However, longboarders frequently push with only one leg, which can cause asymmetry in the body’s musculature.

How To Learn Longboard Pumping

It requires a lot of practice to learn longboard pumping. After 15 or 20 kilometers of continuous riding, and many weeks of practicing, longboarders begin to physically feel the proper mechanics. As you get the movements it will become easier for you to pump.

Buy a longboard, start by learning to tic-tac on it, lifting your front wheels off the ground with your kicktail, and using your front foot to move the nose of your board left and right to achieve speed. Start your pumping exercises on a surface with an excellent grip.

Give your board a little thrust to gain some initial momentum, and then spin the board by pushing firmly on your rail with your front foot to cause your trucks to turn, and pushing back laterally with your rear foot.

Continue honing your tic-tac-toe rotations to the left and right without raising your front wheels. If it’s not happening, try a slight incline surface. After mastering it, again do it on flat ground and perfect your carves. After that try it uphill.

If still you are having problems, do it in circles. It will be much easier. Finding a longboard with a broad, extremely flexible deck is one more thing you can do to aid in your learning of pumping.

Although the vertical bouncing momentum may cause you to lose more energy and speed, the bouncing will aid in your pumping.

Can You Pump On Longboards?

Yes, you can pump on longboards. It is a very fantastic way to increase your speed while riding.

How Do You Pump On A Longboard Surfboard?

In surfing, pumping is referred to as surfing up and down, in a smooth-flowing fashion. It helps surfers move faster and reposition themselves.

How Do You Pump A Playground Skateboard?

A skater enters a squat while moving through the U-shaped pipe or bowl’s essentially flat bottom to pump. Then, when one approaches the transition, the sloping portion of the ramp or bowl, one will straighten their knees and stand up.

How Do You Pump Better On A Longboard?

There are some tips for you if you want to pump better on longboards.

  • Get the right board for you.
  • Choose a position.
  • Regain equilibrium when in static.
  • Make sure you can turn with confidence.
  • Make sure you can push and brake.

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So, we have talked about everything but the pumping. From what pumping is and how to do it effectively. It is a cool skill to require, though it takes a lot of practice.

Also if you are going to practice, you will need some precautions.

Always use the helmet and other accessories while longboarding.

So go out and try pumping your longboard.

I was born and raised in the U.S. I started skating at the age of 10 when I got my first skateboard. I started doing longboarding a few years ago and I loved it so much that I started my own website.

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