Is Retrospec A Good Longboard Brand?

If you are going to buy a longboard then you must have heard about the Retrospec longboard brand. And also some people may have recommended you but you may ask “is Retrospec a good longboard brand?

Additionally, before purchasing a longboard, it is usually a good idea to find out more about the brand. If you want a complete overview of Retrospec longboard then keep reading this article. 

Is Retrospec A Good Longboard Brand?


Is Retrospec A Good Longboard Brand?

Yes, Retrospec is a good longboard brand. Retrospec is quite a popular and decent longboard brand. Retrospec started their business by manufacturing bicycles, but started to make longboards and slowly emerges as one of the best brands of longboards. Nowadays, they have become one of the top choices for riders, when it comes to longboards.

But you may ask why to choose Retrospec over other brands.

The answer is they have some of the best longboards which feature some unique characteristics that you are unable to find in other longboards. Some of these features and characteristics are given below. 

5 Unique Features Of Retrospec Longboards

Here are some features that you rarely find in any other longboard except retrospec: 

1. Use Of Bamboo

Different stake manufacturing businesses employ hardwoods like oak and maple, however, Retrospec uses bamboo instead of them. The longboards that are made of bamboo are more robust and flexible than those longboards which are made of hardwood.

Retrospec is clearly environmentally friendly, as seen by this. The growth rate of bamboo is noteworthy compared to other valued plants employed by other industries.

2. Reasonable Price For Longboards

Well-branded longboards in general are quite pricey. But Retrospec longboards are not too much expensive. As Retrospec make their longboards high quality and sells them at a very reasonable price.

It is obvious to all sorts of clients that purchasing Retrospec will allow them to benefit from both higher quality and reduced prices.

3. Stability 

Longboards from Retrospec are made for all kinds of activities and are renowned for their high speed and precise running. Because of their superior stability characteristic, riders also choose Retrospec Longboards.

The centers of gravity on these longboards are higher. Rides must thus upgrade their wheels and bearings.

4. Grip 

One of the most important features of any longboard is the grip. The grip allows you to ride your longboard efficiently and also makes you more secure and less prone to slips, fall-offs, and accidents.

Retrospec is the company that handles this well. Their grips are just too awesome. 

5. Wheels And Bearings

The Retrospec longboard is best known for its high-quality wheels. While cruising and freeriding, the longboard needs to have shock absorption so you can be more secure while riding.

And the Retrospec longboard’s wheel does the same.

But the bearings on the Retrospec longboard are not that good, and you should have to upgrade them. 

Let us now look at some of the top-tier products from Retrospec longboards. 

Top 2 Best Retrospec Longboards Of 2023

1). Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard

Retrospec zed bamboo longboards are one of the best-selling longboards. It is quite popular among both beginners and pros. The 44′′ premium bamboo and 8-ply maple deck of the Zed Cruiser longboard make it a massive board.

The deck is 9.5 inches wide. No matter the rider’s size, it will undoubtedly offer enough room, as is obvious. This board can support a maximum weight of 220 lbs. 

The wheels are rather large and broad at 7050 mm in size. The wheels utilized are extra-hard 85A PU-certified wheels. While traveling at peak speed, the hard wheels may produce some commotion since the broader wheels will create more friction.

Here are some unique characteristics of this Retrospex Zed Bamboo longboard.

i. Anti-bite Technology

With its anti-bite technology, this longboard from Retrsospec avoids wheel bite at all costs. Put it on your mind; in fact, give it some thought. It increased riding comfort by adding wheel wells to prevent grabbing. Rock-finished, robust 70x51mm 85A PU wheels.

ii. Speed and Accuracy

The ABEC-7 tolerance grade precision ball bearings, which can handle all of your adventures, are perfect for high speed and great running accuracy.

iii. Building Material

ZED’s deck construction uses 8-ply Canadian maple and responsibly harvested bamboo to create this 41″ x 9.5″ artisan longboard, creating an unbeatable crossbreed of strength and pliability. All you need to do is start riding because it is sent completely constructed and ready to use.

iv. One of The Best Grip

You may feel the highest stability and grip on this longboard. Smooth and shock-absorbing 70 mm Polyurethane wheels that have a rock finish for better traction will improve your riding pleasure.

Now you have learned about the design and salient features let us discuss some of its pros and cons.


  • The build quality is awesome.
  • Beginners and pros enjoy it alike.
  • A steady ride is ensured by the larger size.
  • The grip is really good. 


  • Bearings should be upgraded.
  • Turks are loose, but you can tighten them before the ride.

2. Retrospec tidal longboard(41” drop-down)

This longboard by Retrospec is one of the top choices for downhill longboarders. Because it provides great stability and control at a very high speed. With less chance of wheel bite when carving on the board, its symmetrical drop-through design enhances balance and push force.

The deck is broader and longer than those of its other variants, allowing you to comfortably lay your feet on the board. It has a sturdy build and can withstand 220 pounds of weight. Let’s talk about a few of its great features.

i. Building Material

The board’s deck is 9.5 inches broad and 41 inches long. To assure its great quality, it is fashioned of Canadian maple wood. The board is extremely durable and long-lasting because it is entirely constructed of maple. The deck also has a layer of very sticky OS780 grip tape. It enables you to keep a steady position while cruising.

ii. Balance & Stability

This longboard is designed to give you very high stability and balance, even if your speed is 60 m/h during downhill riding. You keep a low center of gravity with your feet firmly planted on the board, which improves balance.

iii. Drop Down Shape

The best balance is provided by a low deck made from dependable Canadian maple and prepared to move. Knowing that your board can withstand practically everything you can throw at it gives you the confidence to ride.

iv. Turks 

For less pushing and a longer, quicker roll, it incorporates responsive, smoothly gliding slant reverse kingpin trucks with precise ABEC-9 bearings. 

Let’s talk about some of its pros and cons. 


  • Longboarders with different skill levels will enjoy it alike. 
  • The build material and quality are just awesome. 
  • Excellent for downhill riding. 
  • The grip is fantastic. 


  • Bearings should be upgraded. 
  • The wheels sometimes become stiff. 

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What is The Retrospec Longboard Weight Capacity?

Retrospec longboard weight limit is between 220 to 250. Retrospec is a brand that makes quality, top-speed, and ready-to-ride longboards.

Frequently Asked Questions About Retrospec

Are Retrospec Boards Any Good?

Yes, Retrospec boards are good for beginners if you want to start boarding then this longboard is good for its price you can use Retrospec longboards as your first longboard.

Is Retrospec a Good Beginner Skateboard?

Yes, Retrospec is a good beginner skateboard brand. They made quality longboards and skateboards.

Are Retrospec Bikes Made in China?

Yes, Retrospec bikes are manufactured in china and designed in Los angles.

What Bearings Does Retrospec Use?

Retrospec is produce quality longboards. some of the Retrospec have  ABEC 7 Bearings and other products may have a good bearing.

Is Retrospec a US Company?

Yes, retrospec is a US company their headquarter is located in  Los Angeles, California, United States.

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