Should I Buy An Assembled Longboard?

Are you a pro at riding a longboard and want to save time and money? Why not opt for an assembled longboard. The reason why you should buy an assembled longboard is it costs you very little as compared to the disassembled longboard. Moreover, self-assembled longboards are a bit costly compared to ready ones.

However, if you are a novice, you will surely look for several styles, sizes, and models before making a final decision that corresponds to your personal needs. Aside from that, choosing the right longboard depends on your basic needs. The more you know, the better you will choose.

Should I Buy An Assembled Longboard

However, if you are a beginner and know little about new longboard models and sizes, then you can opt for a disassembled longboard so you can assemble as per your choice. Also, being a beginner, you might make mistakes while choosing the right parts for the longboard. So it is better to go with an assembled longboard.


Difference between assembled and disassembled longboard

The difference between the two is evident. There is no comparison between the two types of longboards. Additionally, the custom longboard is mass-produced for a huge customer base.

However, custom longboards, as the name suggests, are unique and consist of different parts. They are built as per the personal taste of the longboard riders. High-quality material in a custom-made longboard is the perfect fit for longboard enthusiasts.

Also, for people who are just about to start, the assembled longboard is the best option. They don’t know much about the riding style and other important information about longboards. The more they ride, the more they will understand the right components of the longboard.

 What we liked about assembled longboards

  • The advantage of buying a complete assembled longboard is that you don’t have to visit every spare parts shop to look for different longboard components.
  • Furthermore, you may get confused while choosing the truck as you may choose too wide or too narrow, which might not fit in your longboard. Also, you may make mistakes in selecting the wheels, which may either be too big, hard, or soft. Aside from that, choosing the wrong parts may shatter your confidence, and you will soon stop longboarding. It may just waste your money and time.
  • Being a beginner, you will not even understand the difference between a high-quality setup and standard components. Yes, that’s true!

What we didn’t like about assembled longboards

You may end up buying the wrong longboard with crappy components. With the low-quality part, you may go off skating and would never do it again.

  • However, the main disadvantage of getting a complete longboard is that you never get the one you desire.
  • Furthermore, the complete longboard may have either an issue with the deck or wheels. Also, the amazing quality components are not part of any longboard. Moreover, you will only end up swapping the complete longboard component. Even at some point, you might wonder about starting your longboard from scratch.
  • Moreover, the complete longboard also lacks some optional components, such as shock pads. So a smooth ride is just a dream with complete longboards.


To conclude, we would recommend you to choose an assembled longboard because it will not only save your time but money also. However, selecting the assembled longboard will be the right choice for you.

Also, if you are just new to riding longboards, you are not familiar with the riding styles and other things. So first, get hands-on experience on the assembled longboard and then switch to a custom longboard if required.

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