Drop-through vs Pintail

Is it safe to say that you want to buy a new longboard yet cannot choose whether to help with a pintail or a drop-through board? Is there a major contrast between the two? Many beginners get confused about which skateboard to get, as there are various choices.

There are many elements to keep in mind such as the shape and size of the board, your expertise level, and much more. Thus, confusing themselves, especially the beginners.

Drop-through vs Pintail


Drop-through vs Pintail

Which of a drop-through or a pintail is better? As usual, “it depends on the situation”. Pintails offer a special style, like that of a surfboard, and an amazing feeling that many riders, including beginners, love.

Keeping expert riding in mind, pintails miss the mark, as they need many useful parts.

Most drop-throughs have these like a steady wheelbase, wheel freedom, kicks, etc.


As the name recommends, pintails can perceive due to their sharp pin-like tail. Same as a surfboard, they have a more extensive nose, and the wheels jab out on the different sides of the deck.

Pintails are top mount, and that tells that trucks join under the deck and the bolts are over the mount openings.


Drop-Through longboards seem to be customary skateboard, yet it has a pattern in their deck. The pattern permits you to fit the trucks well on the board. Drop-through longboards are best for freerides and expedient cruising.

Is A Drop-Through Pintail Longboard Good For Beginners?

Drop-through longboards are famous for their steadiness and, will turn out best for fledgling riders. When you look at a pintail longboard, the deck is on the highest point of the board’s trucks but a drop-through has a deck that is level with its trucks.

The cutout highlight allows the deck to be closer to the ground so there is lower footing, which brings about upgraded dependability. Keep reading further to find out the outcome of this debate. The board is nearer to the ground so it is more straightforward for a fledgling to push and drive.

There is a compelling reason need to go beyond downward so there is less work for the rider. Because of the even drop-through plan, you can further develop your longboarding abilities by sliding when you move.

What Can You Expect from a Pintail?

Most riders love the cool and exemplary look that a pintail has. They seem to be little surfboards in their shape and plan. Pintails are more reasonable for cruising and loosened-up rides. Pintails are best for fledglings while attempting to become familiar with the essentials.

It is a decent board, especially while trying to advance your foot situating and balance. It is because it has a smaller board than a drop-through; you must choose the option to deal with your balance. It will likewise drive you to search for the ideal places while going to abstain from tumbling off. Pintails are more responsive and better, bringing about smoother rides during slow velocities.

Since this is best for controlling basic longboarding abilities, you can expect a pleasant cruising and cutting experience. You can also continue towards different sheets like a drop-through deck if you want to master new and difficult abilities.

Going Downhill: Grab a Drop Through

If you live on the slopes and you need speed, a Drop Through is the name of your speed game, and you will need to ensure you pick a longboard that rides low. With half of your trucks covered since they drop through inside the deck, your board has a lower point of gravity and expanded solidness.

This can have a significant effect on a platform finish or getting the wobbles and crashing out on the last corner!

The Freeride series has a wide standing stage so your streamlined fold does not feel squeezed while you are hitting max speed. Yet, why the Rocker Concave? The rocker sunken and gas pedals let you secure in your feet when you want to float off overabundance speed. See you toward the end goal!

Surf-Style Cruising and Carving: Grab a Pintail

Assuming that you are searching for a genuine land surfer, a board will allow you to rehearse reductions when the waves are level. Pintails are top-mounted, so they permit you to cut even more. However, recollect that you need to get a Pintail shape (like our own) that plans to forestall wheel chomp.

The even Pintail shape is meant to expect wheel nibble no matter what. It is fundamental to get into those profound cuts with certainty. Besides the fact that the Pintail’s flex places a little spring in your step for board moving, the flex retains a part of the opposition applied to your lower legs from pushing.

Our Pintails have worked for sharp goes thanks to our unmistakable Original s-series cutting trucks.

Freestyle Tricks In The Flats

While you can do a tad of free form on either choice, if you need a board that works for stunts, we recommend the Apex 40 Double Concave. The Apex’s conventional top mount configuration places your deck at a more than suitable range from the blacktop to give you crazy stunts.

Like all Apex decks, the Double Concave is also built using carbon fiber trims that add the sturdiness expected to learn new moves. This board’s wide standing stage likewise makes it an extraordinary free-form dance deck.

The Double Concave’s low-key mini drop gives its riders progressed foot situation mindfulness for more prominent stunt consistency. It is pretty flipping sweet.

Fast Freeride on the Steepest Of Slopes

When you need to get a move on, it’s time you get a Drop Through to have sunken to get your feet and greater strength at higher speeds thanks to the low focus of gravity.

The Drop Freeride 44 is the longest board in the Freeride family. The added length lets riders skate in a wider, lower stance to maximize their stability. This board is not a Drop Through, either.

The Drop Free ride’s standing platform drops it, dipping down to give you the lowest possible center of gravity and creating “slide pockets” perfect for locking you in. You would be hard-pressed to find a more stable sliding machine than this beast.


To conclude, these two types cannot be put up in a competition for there can never be one clear winner. Both of these longboards, drop-through, and pintails, are good in their way and are good for use in their friendly conditions. Everyone is good for their specific purpose.

I was born and raised in the U.S. I started skating at the age of 10 when I got my first skateboard. I started doing longboarding a few years ago and I loved it so much that I started my own website.

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