How Much Does a Good Longboard Cost? The Ultimate Guide

When you look at the longboard industry, it is essential to know whether you are buying a high-end, mid-level, or entry-level board. However, this choice mainly depends on your budget and what you want from your longboard.

When new people start longboarding and they want to purchase their first longboard or want something new they start searching “How Much Does a Good Longboard Cost?”

So, if you have zero knowledge about the pricing plans of longboards, we are here for you.

How Much Does a Good Longboard Cost

Here, we will answer the question ‘How Much Should a Longboard cost’ by dividing the longboard pricing plans into different categories.


How Much Does A Good Longboard Cost?

Normally longboards cost 90$ to 400$+ but if want to do some special customization then the cost may be increased. We cover your all questions about cost, materials, and design. We help you to find your first best-quality longboards in 2023.

But before that, we will discuss the different types of longboards, as they have several variations.

Longboards generally come in different types. So, the price of a good longboard will vary according to its kind or riding style. That is why we’ll approach the answer to this question with the help of two sections.

So, without wasting any time, let’s delve into this discussion.

1. Types of Longboards

People divide longboards into several categories. But roughly, there are four categories of longboards.

i) Downhill

As the name depicts, the downhill longboards are meant to go as fast as possible. Therefore, people who want to race on skateboards ride on these longboards along with helmets and suits.

Generally, boards that fall in this category are stiff, have wide trucks for stability and manufacturers have used aggressive grip tape to build these skateboards.

So, if you are a beginner, we don’t recommend this type of longboard because it requires professional skills.

ii) Freeride

The second category of longboards is ‘Freeride,’ which is ideal for moving expeditiously and throwing long slides. These longboards typically have more flex and harder wheels, which makes it easier to slide with these longboard types.

Like downhill longboards, the freeride longboards are not ideal for beginners because skating for the first time at high speed is just crazy.

*** Note: Both ‘Downhill’ and ‘Freeride’ categories go hand in hand because they are all about high speeds. So, if you are a beginner, we won’t recommend both ‘Downhill’ and ‘Freeride’ longboards ***

iii) Freestyle

The third category is the most versatile type of longboard, named ‘Freestyle.’ It’s versatile because whether you want a longboard for carving, dancing, or doing tricks, the freestyle longboards are the way to go.

The ‘Freestyle longboard’ is one of the most expressive forms of longboarding.

So, if you have ever seen someone performing tricks on a longboard, that board will fall under the freestyle longboard category.

Generally, these boards have a kicktail that helps in performing tricks. They also come in platypus shape with a drop-through truck mount. However, the freestyle longboards have several other variations besides the platypus shape.

Thus, if you are a beginner who plans to do tricks or dance on a skateboard in the future, we recommend getting a freestyle longboard because it will offer enough deck space for an ideal balance.

iv) Cruising

Suppose dancing or doing tricks on a skateboard doesn’t describe you. In such a case, the final category of longboards is for you. Its name is ‘Cruising.’ You should get a cruiser longboard if you are looking to do some mellow cruising. So, a cruiser longboard will be ideal if you want to navigate from point A to point B.

These types of longboards often come in a pintail shape with wide and soft wheels. However, like the freestyle category, the shape of cruiser longboards is not limited to the aforementioned characteristics.

All the above-discussed categories aren’t set in stone. But it should give you a rough idea of the different types of longboards.

2. Price Division Among The Different Longboards Types

Once you have determined the type of longboard that will work best for you, it is time to answer the elephant in the room – how much does a longboard cost? So, to answer this question, we have divided the longboards into three categories.

i) Low-end (Less than$100)

We have categorized the low-end cheap longboard in the under $100 price range. So, if you are getting started with longboarding and don’t see yourself as a long-term longboarder (skateboarder), we recommend sticking with this price tier.

Generally, you can get low-end longboards from Amazon that cost less. And speaking of Amazon, the following entries are the top brands on Amazon:

Honestly speaking, the longboards we tested from Amazon cheaped in the bearings and wheels areas. So, low-end longboards are not an ideal fit if you will be riding a lot on longboards.

*** Pro Tip: The best way to get a low-end longboard is to search eBayFacebook Marketplace, or some local garage sale ***

ii) Mid-range ($100-$200)

The second price category for longboards is mid-tier, which contains longboards that fall between the $100 to $200 price tag.

Typically, you can get an overall solid longboard here. In fact, you will find longboards from some reputable brands in this price category. If you’re new to longboarding then we recommend you go with this.

Some most popular reputable brands in this price category are:

Apart from the aforementioned brands, you can find longboards from several other brands in this price range. However, we have listed the top brands in this price range according to our experience.

iii) High-end ($200 and up)

If you are willing to spend $200 or more, you belong to a high-tier budget category. You will find several high-quality best longboard brands in this price category.

But we recommend going with the following complete longboard package:

Thus, if you can afford to spend $200 or more, look no further than the aforementioned brands because they will provide durable quality longboards. When it comes to the pricing of a longboard, many people do not consider their shipping fees.

And that’s where they make a mistake. If you want something high-performance then you purchase loaded boards they made great longboards.

People should know that shipping the size and weight of a longboard is not cheap. Landyachtz longboard is enhanced your riding experience. Therefore, we recommend locating a nearby longboard brand. This way, you can avoid the additional expense of shipping fees.

So, you can use the ‘longboards near me’ query to find the nearby local longboard brands.

*** Pro Tip: Some online stores have already included shipping prices in their longboard product category. So, if you purchase longboards from those stores, shipping will seem accessible to you ***

Longboard vs Skateboard – What Is the Major Difference Between Them?

As the name depicts, a longboard skateboard is typically a longer skateboard than other conventional types. But besides the most apparent difference, longboards have bigger and softer wheels. That is why they offer comfortable rides.

So, people prefer using these boards for cruising and commuting. If you read a detailed guide about the difference between Longboard vs skateboard you need to check this.

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How Much Should I Spend On A Good Longboard?

If you are new to longboarding then we suggest you spend just 100$ to buy your first longboard. We do not recommend you to 250 on your first longboard. But if you are a pro then you can spend 250+ amount on your longboard.

Don’t spend more money on your first longboard unless you don’t have some experience.

Why Use A Longboard Instead Of A Skateboard?

A longboard is more stable than a skateboard which is why we recommend you’re to use a longboard in city riding or riding.

How Heavy Is Too Heavy For A Longboard?

A good longboard easily handles 325 pounds weight up to 325+ pounds is too heavy for the longboard. But a normal longboard just handles 300 pounds.

What Longboard Is Used For Dancing And Freestyle?

Atom Longboards is the best to pick for your longboard dancing and freestyle ride.

In a Nutshell – The Conclusion

How much money should you spend on longboards? Well, the answer to this question varies from person to person. For instance, if you are a beginner and don’t see yourself longboarding for the long term, the longboards in the $100 price range will be ideal for you.

However, if you are interested in long-term longboarding but you are starting out, we recommend sticking with this mid-range budget category, where you will find longboards between the $100-$200 price range. And finally, if budget is not an issue for you, look no further than the high-end longboards.

But before directly moving to the answer to the question, we recommend checking out the different types of longboards. This way, you won’t pick the wrong kind of longboard even after spending the money.

1. Are Longboards Suitable For Beginners?

When recommending skateboards or longboards to beginners, experts often recommend top-mount longboards. So, as mentioned in the definition of pintail longboards, they are top-mount longboards.

Thus, compared to cruisers, they are more suitable for beginners. But besides this, the maneuverability and responsiveness of pintail longboards at lower speeds offer a pleasant and smooth roll. So, choosing pintail longboards as a beginner should be a no-brainer.

2. Is Buying A Longboard Worth It?

Yes, getting a longboard is definitely worth it. But before getting the longboard, you should ask yourself, ‘Why do you want a longboard over other types of skateboards?’ So, read the above guide to get the answer to this question.

3. How Much Are Longboards At Zumiez Cost?

There is no exact number for the answer to this question. So, to get a straightforward answer, we recommend checking the official website of Zumiez.

4. How Much Does A Skateboard Cost?

Classic skateboards may cost between $60 and $400. A classic or cruiser works well for cruising and allows you to perform tricks at the skatepark. On the other hand, street/verts may cost anywhere between $70-$200. They are primarily suitable for tricks and beneficial for various activities depending on the wheels.

5. How Much Does A Surf Longboard Cost?

Generally, a used longboard in excellent condition should cost between $500 and $1,000, while a new longboard should cost between $350-450.

6. What Is A Good Brand Of Longboard?

According to the above guide, you will find low-end longboards on Amazon. So, the following are the top low-end longboard brands on Amazon:

On the other hand, in the mid-range budget category, the following brands are the most reputable ones:

  • Arbor Skateboards.
  • Penny Skateboards.
  • Sector 9.

Lastly, you will find several brands in the high-end budget category. But if you want our recommendation, we’ll suggest you go with the following:

  • Loaded Boards.

7. What Is The Average Price Of A Good-quality Longboard?

The average price of a decent-quality longboard will be between $100-$200. Anything above $200 will belong to the high-end category of longboards. However, anything below $100 will belong to the low-end longboards category.

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