Can You Do Tricks on a Pintail Longboard?

Longboards are useless if you can’t show your skills on them. However, showing off skills on a longboard requires a lot of practice. But most importantly, you should have the appropriate longboard model.

Speaking of models, there are several variants of a longboard. One of those models is a pintail longboard. But the internet is filled with materials like you cannot perform tricks on a pintail longboard.

Can You Do Tricks on a Pintail Longboard

So, this makes people wonder, ‘can you do tricks on a pintail longboard? And if you have a similar question in mind, we’ve got you covered.


Can You Do Tricks on a Pintail Longboard?

People often ask, ‘can you do tricks on a pintail longboard.’ However, there’s no one-word answer to this question, as performing tricks on pintail longboards depends on your skill level and practice. As mentioned earlier, the pintail longboards are excellent for craving up the hills or cruising around the town.

So, most people do not recommend using pintail longboards for performing tricks if you are a beginner.

But practice makes a man perfect. Therefore, you will need a lot of practice to perform tricks like kickflips or ollies on a pintail longboard.

What Is a Pintail Longboard?

A pintail longboard is basically a surfboard with wheels. Unlike a conventional skateboard, a pintail longboard has a pointy nose and tail. Due to having a pointed nose and tail, pintail longboards can only go in one direction – forward.

That is why people often call the pintail longboards direction boards.

Pintail longboards are often top-mounted, which means their trucks are attached directly to the bottom of the boards. The deck style of pintail longboards offers excellent stability. Hence, these types of longboards are ideal for carving and cruising.

Which Tricks are Suitable for Beginners on Pintail Longboards?

As a beginner, you will need some training to master any trick on a skateboard or pintail longboard. However, the following tricks are most common among beginners when it comes to pintail longboards.

1. 180 Step

Before performing this step, we recommend getting comfortable using your opposite footing rather than your normal stance, which is known as a riding switch. And once you have mastered the riding switch, use the following steps to master this trick.

  • The first step is bringing your front foot to the center of the toeside edge.
  • After that, raise your rear foot, so it is topside and towards the pintail longboard’s left side
  • Lastly, bring your front foot to the back while pointing to the left of the pintail longboard.

Thus, by using the above-discussed steps, you will be in the switch position. However, if you want to return to your original stance, just repeat the above-discussed steps.

2. Cross Step

This trick is ideal for those who want to dance pintail longboards. So, you must master this basic footwork if you want to dance on your pintail longboard. However, the ideal way to perform this trick is to maintain a steady speed, as this technique is challenging to perform at a slow pace.

Therefore, before mastering this trick, you should learn to pick up the pace on your pintail longboard.

Anyway, to perform this trick, use the following steps.

  • First, slowly lift your back foot and shift your weight forward while moving your front foot to the back.
  • Then, as the new back foot swings, transfer your weight to the new front foot.

3. Ghostride

The ‘Ghostride’ pintail longboard trick refers to jumping off the board and getting back on in a fancy manner.

So, use the following steps to perform this trick.

  • First, place your front foot in the center while pointing it to the front.
  • Then, land your rear foot on the ground by crossing it over and over your front foot.
  • Lastly, bring your front foot across your rear foot as you step off the board.

Again, jump back onto your pintail longboard to return to your original position.

4. Hippie Jump

Often you have seen longboarders performing activities where their longboard goes under and they go over an obstacle, like benches.

So, if you want to get better at performing such actions with a pintail longboard, you will have to master the ‘Hippie Jump’ trick.

Thus, use the following steps to learn to perform the ‘Hippie Jump’ on a pintail longboard.

  • While your longboard is moving at a decent pace, jump straight up. In this step, your longboard’s forward momentum will carry you over the obstruction.
  • However, the next task is to prepare for the touchdown. So, bend your knees when landing.

While performing this dance move, jumping forward will cause your board to fly backward. So, we recommend avoiding it. Otherwise, you will not land back on your pintail longboard after navigating the barrier.

5. Lookback

As the name of this trick depicts, it requires a lot of focus because it involves several foot movements.

So, use the following steps to perform this trick on your longboard.

  • First, point your rear foot in the backward direction.
  • Then, use your front foot to hop off the board. However, attempt to kick the board back and catch it with your heel.
  • Lastly, quickly step on the board, pull it back, and carry on rolling.

6. Pivot

The pivot is one of the most basic tricks you can perform on a pintail longboard. So, it doesn’t require as much training as you need for other tricks.

Thus, use the following steps to perform this trick.

  • Just put one foot in the center of the board and the other on one end.
  • Then, place your feet on one end and adjust your weight to flip your board 180 degrees.

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In a Nutshell – The Conclusion

All in all, pintail longboards are ideal for downhill racing and traveling because they are stable and easier to maneuver at a faster pace. However, you can also use them to perform different tricks. But performing tricks depends on your skill level and practice. So, before moving on to flexing on your pintail longboard, you should learn to ride it perfectly.

As you can see, from the definition of a pintail longboard to answering ‘can you do tricks on a pintail longboard, we have covered everything here. But besides answering the elephant in the room, we have shared a few common tricks that beginners can master on a pintail longboard. So, read the above-discussed guide thoroughly and learn to flex with your pintail longboard.

Can You Carve On A Pintail Longboard?

Yes, you can. Pintail longboards are more stable than other longboard types. So, they are easily maneuverable, which makes them suitable for carving.

Can You Do Tricks On A Longboard?

The shape and design of a longboard make maneuvering it easier, even on rough surfaces. Plus, you will be comfortable while cruising on a longboard. However, when it comes to performing the tricks on a longboard, the skill level and model of the longboard play a significant role.

Thus, if you have the skills and the suitable model, you can perform carving, downhill sliding, and hand-paddling on a longboard.

Can You Ollie A Pintail Longboard?

Yes, you can ollie on a pintail longboard. However, ollieing a pintail longboard requires a lot of practice. So, master the art of cruising on a pintail longboard before moving on to ollieing.

Can You Slide On A Pintail Longboard?

Yes, you can slide on a pintail longboard. However, we recommend using drop-through decks rather than pintail longboards for sliding.

Is A Pintail Longboard Suitable For Beginners?

When it comes to recommending skateboards or longboards to beginners, experts often recommend top-mount longboards. So, as mentioned in the definition of pintail longboards, they are top-mount longboards.

Thus, compared to cruisers, they are more suitable for beginners. But besides this, the maneuverability and responsiveness of pintail longboards at lower speeds offer a pleasant and smooth roll. So, choosing pintail longboards as a beginner should be a no-brainer.

What Are The Best Pintail Longboard Buying Sources?

Besides Amazon and Walmart, we recommend purchasing pintail longboards from dedicated stores.

So, the following are the best-dedicated sources for purchasing pintail longboards:

What Is A Pintail Longboard Best For?

Pintail longboards have several advantages. So, let’s see the benefits of pintail longboards to understand their specialty areas.

  • As discussed in the above guide, pintail longboards are more stable and easier to control at a fast pace than other longboard types. So, they are ideal for downhill racing and traveling around the town.
  • Besides being more stable, pintail longboards are more easily maneuverable than other longboard types. So, you can use them for carving and tricks. However, we recommend using a pintail longboard for tricks only if you have a lot of practice. So, read the above discussion to determine which tricks are suitable for pintail longboard newbies.

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