Can You Longboard In A Skatepark?

Longboarding in the skatepark is a whole other experience for someone who’s never been to a skatepark. Many developed countries have built multiple skate parks in their different cities. So it is obvious that yes, you can go longboarding in a skatepark. Also, these modern-day skateparks are not like any risky or boring skateparks and are great for longboarding. In fact, these are some good skateparks with proper banks, curves, maneuvers, and smoothness. Therefore, longboarding in these skateparks is called “cement surfing.” Can You Longboard In A Skatepark?


Can You Longboard In A Skatepark?

Yes, you can longboard in a skatepark for sure. In fact, as we have told you that governments and local bodies of cities and towns are creating opportunities for the riders. The term cement surfing refers to the sport of riding a longboard in a skatepark and exploring the park’s layout. /you Riders take a tour of the skateparks and then use their skills to maintain their speed and momentum even on the walls. But not all the skateparks are for your longboard and not all the longboards are for your nearest skatepark. So it is important that you know all about the best features of the best skateparks and the best longboards that perform really great in the skateparks. Skate at a skatepark.

What Do I Need To Know Before Going To A Skatepark?

Well, some of the important things that you need to know before going to a skatepark or learning to skate. Every skatepark has some track for skateboarders. Every skater must follow these important things:
  • Be humble, Nice and wait your turn
  • Always be ready and follow the rule
  • Don’t be a fool or act foolish
  • Don’t do anything wrong
  • Don’t be afraid
  • Always wear safety equipment (skating at the park is dangerous if you do not wear safety gadgets) (Wear a wrist guard, wear a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads)
  • Don’t be afraid
  • Don’t do any stunt
  • Before you go to the skate park first you need to know about basic learn how to skate, learn the basics, basics of skating
  • Build confidence first
  • Don’t hang
  • Take turn safely
  • Avoid peak hours
  • Don’t do any foolish skateboard tricks
  • Always go early in the morning
  • Learn skatepark etiquette and follow the skateboard park rule

Features Of A Great Longboard For Longboarding In The Skatepark

1. Longboarding Flexibility

Longboard flexibility is something that helps the rider in too many ways. If your longboard is flexible, it will catch the required speed for you very shortly. Similarly, if the skatepark is the place you want to ride your longboard most of the time, then flexibility also comes first in helping you make smoother transitions. If you understand the layout of your skatepark very well, it becomes a double bonus because your speed and maneuvers will be a lot easier. Flexible longboards have also the tendency to twist a little. Now you must be thinking that riding a longboard in a skatepark and doing maneuvers with a twistable longboard. It’s weird, we know that, but there’s a reason we’re saying that. It is because of the long size of the longboard as when you go from the smooth surface of the park to the angled wall in the layout, your board being so long may break. Longboarders need to follow the basic rule.  So in this situation, the twisting longboard will be a little hand of help not to waste your money by breaking your longboard.

2. Kicktails

Kicktail is where you step on the longboard and start your ride by pushing with the other leg. Like if you are entering a skatepark, then kicktail is what you use for dropping in. Most of the longboards have kicktails on both sides; at the front and at the back. But a few manufacturers also make single-sided kicktail which indicates that the board is made to only go forward. Now, this doesn’t mean that the board cannot go backward, this is just a smart trick by the manufacturers. Riders sometimes have to go on a sloppy wall or the ramp and when this happens, they will have to come down as well for sure. But when you come down, it becomes a position similar to dropping in. For dropping in, you will need the tail, and imagine if there’s only one tail and that’s at the opposite side. Therefore, most of the riders prefer kicktails on both sides of the longboard.

3. Rails & Bumpers

Rails and bumpers are not necessary for your ride in the skateparks but still, they’re somewhat important according to our experience. This is not a feature of the longboards but more like a protip that you should have the rails and bumpers installed on your longboards. Especially if you are to ride in the skatepark, then it becomes a lot more important for the safety of your longboard. Rails attach at the sides of your longboard and the bumpers attach at the front and the hind side of the longboard. These are some rubber-made or plastic material safety gear for your longboard preventing it from getting damaged. These are important because when you fall inevitably, the rider mostly stays safe if he/she is wearing safety gear. But unfortunately, the board may get damaged by hitting a wall or bank. So these protective things do not let it get damaged that easily by bearing most of the impact of the hit.

4. Risers

Risers are also important for any longboard rider because of certain reasons. Risers are small pieces of rubber or plastic whatever you like the most, which go between your longboard’s trucks and the deck. When installed, these riders improve the height of your longboard from the ground giving it enough ground clearance not to scrape the bottom. Risers also become a little bit like the shock absorbers and as they do not let the board touch the ground, hence, the board doesn’t touch the railing and ramps that easily. This is because obviously, you are someone having weight according to the weight limit of your board. And if the rider is in the weight capacity, your longboard will not bend so much that even having the risers, it touches the ground.

5. Longboard Wheels

Choosing the longboard wheels depends on the surface of the skatepark where you are going to ride your longboard in. This is because if you choose the soft but bigger wheels, they will slip on the ramps may be because of the dust or the slick surface. Similarly, the smaller wheels will not slip and will be a lot faster than the bigger ones. But then these wheels will give you the feeling like you are riding your longboard on a very rocky skatepark. This means that they will exaggerate the small bumps on the surface which doesn’t let you have an enjoyment of the smoother ride.

Can I Use A Longboard In A Skatepark?

These days skateparks are also becoming very famous and people ride their longboards in the skateparks in huge numbers. This is so far the recognition of this super enjoyable sport at the governmental level. Therefore, the state-owned skateparks have great turns, smoother transitions, banked turns, and whatnot. Overall, longboards also provide us with a lot of fun and healthy benefits of riding in the skateparks.

Can I Go To The Skatepark With A Longboard?

Yes, you can go to the skatepark with a longboard. Because most of the skateparks are built for skaters.

Are Skateparks Only For Skateboards?

If you want to skate always use the skatepark, But skateparks are not only for skaters you can use the skatepark track for boarding, BMX and Scooter

Are Bmx Bikes Allowed In Skateparks?

Yes, BMX bikes are allowed in skateparks in fact skatepark is one of the safest places for BMX and scooter riding.

Why Are Bikes Not Allowed In Skateparks?

Bikers are not allowed in the skatepark because they rude the skateboard track

Can You Go Down A Ramp On A Longboard?

Yes, you can go down a ramp on a longboard. This is because longboards are made for multiple types of riding styles. Those riding styles also include the downhill ride which includes starting from the height and moving downwards. Therefore, you can do that easily no matter how sloppy the wall or ramp is.
Is skating on a longboard easier? Yes, learning longboarding is a lot easier and risk-free for all beginners as compared to skating. This is because it is basically manufactured with the intention of traveling so its specifications do not allow it to be harsh on you. But still, if you feel like not comfortable with it, you can ask any experienced person to guide you through. In my opinion, you should start with balancing, then turning, after that doing small and easy tricks and finally everything.
Is a longboard safer than a skateboard? Yes, the longboards are a lot safer than the skateboards because they are not designed in such a way that they can be dangerous. Although longboarding also requires protective gear to be worn skateboards are a lot more dangerous than longboards. You can get an idea of their sharp rides that some parts of the world have banned skateboarding on the streets.
Can you trick on a longboard? Yes, you can do several tricks on a longboard. In fact, there are terms if you perform tricks on a longboard. Doing tricks on the longboard is called “stepping” because you step on the longboard to perform different tricks. But the good thing is that it is a lot easier and safer than skateboards because you can easily lose balance on the skateboard. A good thing about longboards is that you get a lot of room to step, and do maneuvers, and tricks on the longboard.
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