How Fast Can You Go On A Long Board

Yes, longboards are an excellent sport to learn and move around as it is much faster than walking, there are many good reasons for them to fast like larger wheelbases, the distance between the trucks, and massive wheels. The speed of a longboard comes around 50 to 65 mph during downhill riding.

Moreover, on the longboard, your speed depends on the ability to push and pump, riding postures and styles, the type of board you are riding, and how you can brake well.

How fast can you go on a long board

So if you want to explore how fast you can go on a long board, keep reading the valuable piece of information.


How fast can a longboard go

The longboard can go up to 6 miles per hour when cruising on the road, but on average, the speed of the longboard is different in different situations. The extreme speed on your longboard is significantly impacted by your riding style, terrain in which you plan to ride, pumping strength, comfort level, body weight, longboard type weight, and capacity to stop on the longboard.

How fast can you go on a flat surface?

On average, the cruising speed on your longboard comes with 5 to 14 miles per hour and 6mph. You might think that on flat grounds, you can go at a breakneck speed, and it is pretty easy for you to gain speed. But you can do this only if you are skilled in pushing and pumping strengths and abilities. If you are a professional and master in both, then it will not be hard for you to gain speed.

Is longboarding faster than walking

Yes, it does not deny that longboarding is faster than walking; even quick walkers can not beat the fast speed of longboards due to the wheelbases and bigger wheels. No matter if you can walk at the fastest speed possible, the longboard can take you to your final place in much less time.

How much longboarding is faster than walking

the researchers have shown that an average cruising speed is 6 miles per hour and two to four times faster than walking. This is why the longboarders take their gear on the road to reach anywhere rather than opt for walking.

The speed of the longboard on the downhill

The speed of the passionate downhill riders comes in the range of 50 to 65 mph miles per hour. In some cases, for professional downhill riders, the longboard downhill speed increases up to 80 to 90 miles per hour. This may go to a higher range depending on the steepness of the hill and the terrain’s topography.

Are long boards faster than bikes?

Now the case is different. The bikes do not run fast as compared to longboards. Indeed, it can be fast while going downhill, but in general and on most terrain types, bikes run faster than longboard riders. So if you are planning to go far and overcome great distances, it will be a good idea to opt for bikes as they come with better maneuverability and better gear to overcome your riding goals.

Types of a longboard go on faster speed

If searching for the fastest longboards to cover long distances, you should opt for the downhill longboards like drop-through decks and drop platform decks. Both are excellent and ideal options because both provide comfort, turning ability, and stability. Both are the most excellent gear for downhill riding in which you can easily control speed.

As compared to other longboards, both boards are low riders, and their decks and trucks are mounted near the ground as compared to other models of the longboards. Your center of gravity also becomes low, making your ride very stable even if riding at a higher speed.

How fast do electric longboards

Most of the models in the electric longboards can go on to speed ranges from 18 to 83 miles per hour, but some high-rated models can go up to 40mph. Electric longboards are available with different speed ranges due to many factors like wheel size, body weight, power of the motor, and the terrain of the place or surface on which you are longboarding.

What is the fastest electric longboard?

The Guinness world record holder is the NEXT board, a modified version of the next-generation vehicles.

The skater, Mischo Erba, 2016 set the record at the Slovenian airport after riding on the board and went on the recorded speed of 95.83 kilometers per hour or 59.55 miles per hour.

Ways to increase the speed of the longboard

Following are some important ways you can practice to have the fastest speed.

Pay attention to the bearings

Dirt and debris can quickly gather on the bearing in the longboard, which can cause friction causing your longboard to slow down. The excellent feature is that you can easily clean the bearings of the trucks by popping the wheels off, wiping them with water and soap, and drying them with a cloth. In the end, for better results, lubricate them for smooth running.

Adjustments in the nuts

If the axle nuts are tight in the longboard, it will significantly affect the speed of the longboard. As a result, they will hinder the wheels and prevent spinning; on the other hand, if they are too loose, the nuts might come out of the axle. So loosen them to get enough to get the smooth running of the wheels. Therefore, you can move from side to side without exerting too much force and effort.

Get new wheels

If you have tried all the options mentioned above and still have a slower longboard speed, you need to upgrade the wheels of your longboard. So it will be a better option to opt for bigger wheels because they also offer faster speed on rough terrain. Option for the harder wheels and larger cores can lead to less compression, thus making them fast, especially on smooth surfaces and terrains.  

Measurement of speed on longboards

In the previous few years, people are switching to various ways by which they can measure the speed of longboards.

Due to the advancement in technology, there is an app for measuring the speed of longboards on the IOS and android mobile phones; they not only measure the speed but also record the average and top speeds, elevation tops, and distance.

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