How To Drift On A Longboard?

Longboarding is a good game, as you will enjoy it while having a whole-body workout. And you can enjoy it in different ways, like freeriding, dancing, etc. There are also additional longboard tricks you can learn about longboarding, like pumping, carving, drifting, etc.

And we say, you should learn them to increase the experience of joy you will have while longboarding.

How To Drift On A Longboard

If you want to advance your longboarding abilities, you should learn how to drift. With a little practice, you’ll be able to make tight bends and drive around like an expert. Today we will discuss what drifting on a longboard is and how to do it.


How To Drift On A Longboard

The rider must gain speed before leaning the board into a curve in order to drift. The board then slides as a result of the rear foot applying pressure to the deck’s edge. With experience, drifts may be executed easily and under control, allowing riders to keep up their pace and sense of flair.

So don’t be scared to question someone who is longboarding how they manage to drift when you see them next. You could develop a new pastime as a result.

Drifting On Longboard

On a longboard, a maneuver known as a drift involves the rider sliding the board sideways while keeping control and balance. Freestyle longboarding relies heavily on drifting, which may be utilized to do tricks or just look cool while cruising down the street.

Here are the step-by-step guides on how to drift on a longboard.

Step 1 – Choos The Longboard

The first step is to choose the best longboard for drifting. Today’s longboards come in a variety of styles; some are more suited than others for performing specific tasks or activities. You should search for a light board with a stable, large deck. The trucks should also be loose so that they can spin with ease.

Step 2 – Set Up Your feet

After choosing the appropriate longboard, it’s time to set up your feet on a longboard.  Always begin by positioning your rear foot toward the tail and your front foot close to the middle of the deck. You should now lean back a little bit and shift your weight to your front foot. You can keep your balance while drifting by doing this.

Step 3 – Shift Your weight

It’s time to begin pushing off now. First, shift your weight onto your front foot and push off the ground with your rear foot. Move your weight to the middle of the board as you accelerate. This will give you greater control over the board and help you stay balanced.

Step 4 – Momentum Velocity

After getting some momentum velocity, start drifting. To do this, lean your entire body weight to one side of the board. The longboard will then turn that way as a result. Put pressure on the foot facing the same side as the direction you’re turning as you turn to maintain the longboard’s stability and prevent it from moving away from you.

After that, keep leaning the longboard until it is at a 45-degree angle. You ought to now be able to feel the longboard beginning to drift.

Step 5 – Sustain Your Drift

It’s time to sustain your drift now that you’re in it. You should continue to put pressure on your front foot while maintaining a balanced weight distribution between your front and back feet.

Additionally, you must maintain control of the board and prevent it from spinning out from under you.

Step 6 – Carry out The Action

Simply carry out the actions you used to join the drift in reverse when you’re ready to leave it. Start by placing pressure on your front foot while shifting your weight back onto your back foot. The longboard will straighten up and slow down as a result.

You can walk off the board safely after you have slowed down sufficiently.

How Do You Powerslide On Longboard?

Start off by picking up some speed on a slight incline or level surface. By applying pressure to your front rail, do a little toeside pre-turn. Next, do a quick heelside rotation while keeping your weight low.

Push your board out with your rear foot to turn it 90 degrees as you turn. Lean back, swing your shoulders, straighten your knees, and slide all at once. Release the weight from your rear foot and shift your weight to your front foot to stop the slide.

How Do You Slide Stop On Longboard?

If you’re slowing downward, perform a controlled slide stop. If you need to brake suddenly or are traveling swiftly downhill, slide stops are great. Except under dire circumstances, avoid jumping off your skateboard, which might result in injury. Instead, utilize this trick.

You may employ slide stopping, for instance, if you are skating downhill and a car suddenly pulls out in front of you. Wear safety equipment at all times in case you need to stop sliding suddenly.

Do You Need Special Wheels To Slide On LongBoards?

Although you may technically slide with any longboard wheel, several wheel designs will facilitate sliding and take less effort. Wheels designed for downhill and freeriding longboard, as well as any other wheels with a radiused lip and less ground contact, are excellent options.

How To Fast On Longboards?

To go faster on a longboard use the longboard pumping technique. Longboard pumping is help your increase your speed.

Which Is The Best Freeride Longboard?

Volador Drop through Freeride Longboard is the best for free riding. Every part of it is just astonishing. It has one of the best freeride longboard decks.

How Do You Drift On Skateboard?

The rider must gain speed before leaning the board into a curve in order to drift. The board then slides as a result of the rear foot applying pressure to the deck’s edge. With experience, drifts may be executed easily and under control.

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Balance and fluidity are essential components in longboarding. Finding yourself immersed in the ride is simple once you get into your stride. But with enough practice, you’ll be able to ride your longboard along the street with ease.

But always remember to be safe. Take all the precautions while drifting because it can be very risky.

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