Best Longboard For Beginners Adults

If you want to escape from your day-to-day life and get mindfulness, then surfing is one of the best options for you. Imagine being in the ocean. And try your first experience of riding a wave on water. You will instantly get pleasure just from this thought. Surfing is something that everyone should do once in their life.

If you are someone who is going to surf, then you need a beginner longboard and a proper guide on how to buy a longboard and which longboard you should buy. Below is a proper guide for you.

Best Longboard For Beginners Adults


Best Longboard For Beginners Adults

The learning process of longboarding will get easier if you know which longboard you should buy. In addition to having access to a variety of waves, surfers are fortunate to have access to a variety of surfboards with which they can appreciate these waves.

The appropriate longboard for surfing is crucial to the experience. You’ll need assistance choosing the right surf longboard if you’ve never bought one before. For novices, picking the right board might be rather complicated.

Here are some top picks for you.

1. The Wavestorm 8ft Classic Longboard Wax-Free

The Wavestorm company is quite famous for its high-quality surfboards all over the world. And the same goes for this longboard. Its top design is soft, which makes it an ideal choice for surfers who are looking for a more comfortable ride. This longboard has wide dimensions of 8 ft x 22.5 x 3.25, which makes it quite easy to control and ride.

Its transportation is also easy. The weight of the Wavestorm wax-free longboard is only 11.5 lbs, so it will be easy on your shoulders while carrying it to the beach. The best feature of this longboard is that anyone can use it, whether they are a child or an adult. Or if they are heavy, or thinner.

The traction trackpad present on this board will make it easy for riders to grip and control the longboard.

Another issue with longboards is that you can slip on them. But in a wave storm, the bottom skin is HDPE slick, which will also prevent any type of wear and tear.

The three-stringer system and EPS core used in the construction of the surfboard give you more control over your emotions and will keep you afloat. You can easily move the board with the assistance of the detachable bolt-through fins, and the supplied ankle leash keeps you from being dragged off your feet in the event of a wipeout. With all these above features, it becomes the best choice for beginner adults.

Specifications and features

  • Its volume is 80 liters and it can support up to 200 lbs.
  • HDPE slick and an EPS core are present.
  • Its length is about 8 feet.
  • Made of foam.


  • Lightweight
  • You need to wax
  • Intermediate length
  • Comes with a one-month guarantee
  • Very easy to paddle and grip
  • Highly durable


  • Can be difficult to balance and steer

How we tested wave storm 8ft classic longboard wax free?

It is not heavy. It has decent pricing. it can be useful purpose. Yet after three days of surfing, the top of the board has a little tear or puncture approximately the size of a stone. No underwater obstacles, such as a reef. In the surf rather than during transit, the puncture or tear occurred. The board is touted as not requiring wax.

Wax it! When wet, it becomes a little bit slippery. A small amount of base wax should be applied to see whether it helps, advised a nearby business. If you weigh more than 200 pounds (90 kg), you won’t float well. There are better boards for beginners.

2. Broadsword – soft top longboard

This board is not only good for beginners who are about to begin their journey, but also for pros. The board weighs 13.35 pounds total and is 9 feet long and approximately 3 and a half feet wide. This board is great for paddling, surfing, or simply having fun in the water.

In comparison to a pro surfer, a novice will require a bigger board. Its spacious 87.17 Liter volume can hold all of your things and it is built for versatility and pleasure. The board’s bottom is built of tough, bouncy foam to be comfortable on your feet when walking out to catch waves, and it has a huge surface area for stability.

This board’s soft top will provide you with all you need to advance your talents, whether you’re a novice, ripper, or wake surfer. Even if you’ve never tried the activity before, it’s simple to remain afloat thanks to the product’s strength and excellent usability.

For the sake of extra protection, we have an EVA outer skin and an EPS core present, which makes the journey safer.

Specifications and feature

  • A completely glassed EPS foam core is encased in a soft EVA outer cover. The item’s package dimensions are 107 x 24.5 x 5.5 inches.
  • Weight of the Package: 15.42 kg.
  • The dimensions of the item are 108 x 24 x 3.5 inches.
  • Weight of Item: 21 Pounds.
  • The material used is foam.
  • Color- mint.


  • It is lightweight and easy to carry
  • Build quality is just awesome
  • Perfect longboard for beginners
  • Appropriate for all sports
  • A soft foam construction gives you extra traction


  • Only support one fin

How we tested Broadsword- soft top longboard  

We as expert skaters and longboarder, but this longboard make it much simpler to pick it up and develop good balance. This design is awesome. Everything seems heavy and solid. It has a thick, gritty layer on top for increased foot traction, but the appearance is unaffected. Has a wheel adjuster as well. 

3. Wavestorm 8feet longboard for adult

One of the most popular Wavestorm longboards among surfers. Beginners and experienced surfers alike will love the Wavestorm 8-foot Surfboard Longboard. This board can support up to 200 pounds because it has a volume of 86 liters. Its dimensions are 96 x 22.5 x 3.14 inches, which makes it the ideal size for any surfer looking to catch some waves.

It is made of soft foam, which makes your surfing experience extremely comfortable. It also has an EPS core that makes it highly durable. You won’t need to be concerned about your board toppling over or being carried away by high gusts thanks to the replaceable bolt-through fins’ steadiness in the water. It’s going to be easier than ever to get back on your surfboard after wiping it down with an ankle leash traction pad.

The soft deck of the wave storm 8’ longboard makes it easy to stand and ride the wave. This item is constructed of polyethylene, which is one of the toughest materials for surfboard building.

Features and specifications

  • Classic Surfboard with a sturdy EPS core and a three-stringer system, oft foam construction Item Weight: 22.0 Pounds.
  • Foamy soft top deck.
  • Pad with Textured Traction.
  • HDPE Smooth Bottom Skin.
  • Patented Graphic Technology from AGIT Global.
  • Dependable bolt-through parts.


  • The build quality is awesome
  • Balancing is quite easy
  • Includes all the extras and accessories
  • Best suited for newbies and pros alike


  • The leash that is included with it is completely useless. Use a third-party leash.

How we tested 8feet long board for adults 

These boogie boards and body boards are excellent. They are also large enough for an adult. Speed and steering are greatly aided by the bottom’s smooth channels, and the rails are excellent for holding on to. Although the leash is a little short, it IS included. It is packaged inside the plastic box that the boards are supplied in, so I can see how some people could see it. Hence, take a closer look. I provided a visual as a guide.

4. South board bay board co guppy 8 feet longboard for adult

Whether you are a novice or a pro, the South Bay board company is here for you. Providing you with all varieties of the longboard. They provide several forms that are suitable for all abilities, including fish boards, Single Fin Surfboards, and Twin Fin Surfboards.

The 96 x 22 x 3-inch beginning foam surfboard is readily able to support surfers weighing up to 170 lbs. With the soft-top surfboard fins and leash already attached, this board weighs only 15 pounds, making it simple for anybody to transport. Due to its traditional, simple-to-paddle form, it is the ideal board for surfers at the beginning and intermediate levels.

Its rounded nose will give you the power to paddle. While it has a much wider chest that will enable you to pop up, the classic squash tail benefits you in taking turns. This longboard may be the best option for you if you want speed in tiny waves. It has a quick flat bottom deck.

You will ride in comfort thanks to the plush IXPE foam top deck, while stability is provided by the EPS closed-cell foam core. The longboard has two hardwood stringers and one fiberglass rod for stability while riding down slopes, and it can withstand a lot of punishment without breaking.

Specifications and features

  • Unique off-set paint stripe design on soft IXPE foam top deck, EPS closed cell foam core with 1 fiberglass rod and 2 wooden stringers, and impact-netting HDPE plastic bottom deck for further durability.
  • Closed-cell expanded polystyrene foam was used to create this board.
  • Volume = 80 liters
  • Weight capacity is more than 170 lbs.


  • Simple to carry
  • Simple to manage
  • Appropriate for basic to advanced levels
  • The leash and fins are included
  • Well built


  • Waxing can cause damage to your board, so be more conscious while using it

How we tested the south board co guppy 8 feet long board? 

The surfboard arrived promptly, in fantastic shape, and according to the description. As the water temperature is in the upper 50s, we haven’t put it in the water yet, but I can already tell that my son will learn to surf on it this summer. The foam is neither very soft nor is it particularly heavy. I like that it can be carried more easily under your arm because it has a built-in handle in the middle of the deck, just like paddle boards have.

5. The Wavestorm 8ft soft-top longboard for adults and children.

Wavestorm’s 8-foot surfboard is made of soft foam for an easy grip and a more forgiving ride, and it is built for quick and simple travel. The flexible foam design supports your every movement and guards against dents and dings on your board.

The board is well suspended in the water thanks to the sturdy EPS core and three-stringer system. You can stand up and surf thanks to the supplied ankle leash. If you fall off the board, the traction pad keeps you from slipping. To shield the board and your back from the corrosive ocean water, Wavestorm includes a comfortable board sock cover.

The upper deck features a non-slip feel and is water-resistant at the rail for easy paddling. The board’s bottom is made of robust HDPE. Its slippery bottom and diamond-shaped rails enable rapid rotations, whether in the open on the backhand or above. This board is all about a premium, wet-friendly brushed graphic flow art deck.

Specifications and features

  • Multicolor pattern
  • Build using soft foam.
  • Traditional surfboard with a sturdy EPS core and three stringers
  • High-density HDPE polyethylene Slick bottom skin Soft webs-IXL water barrier skin Crosslink’s top deck and rails are exclusive brushed color graphic art decks.
  • Included for protection were soft board sock covers, detachable bolt-through fins, an ankle leash, and traction pads.
  • 8′ x 22 1/2′ x 3 1/4′ in size and weighs 11.5 pounds.
  • The volume is 86 liters with a recommended weight limit of 200 lbs.


  • Simple to carry and way easier to balance
  • Perfect for amateurs to professionals
  • All additional accessories or extras are included


  • This surfboard also needs wax

How we tested wave storm 8ft soft toped long board for adults and children 

In its current state, this product is advertised. It is the ideal starting fun board and excellent for instructing children. The 8-foot size tends to sink too much if you’re a bigger person, so for adults, we recommend something more strong or wide if you’re heavier set. Overall excellent for tiny people and children.

6. California board company Gerry Lopez Beginner longboard of 8 feet

Gerry Lopez was the first and most innovative designer of surfboards from the beginning of the era of surfing. Having said that, if all of this gave the impression that the CBC soft top is only appropriate for experienced surfers, allow us to assure you that it is not.

However, it won’t grant you the ability to effortlessly surf the pipeline on your first attempt. On the other hand, even though it is just intended for beginners, you may trust this board because you are aware of Gerry Lopez’s reputation. The only thing Gerry Lopez has done for it is not simply his name. He designed the blank with the intention of introducing surfing to beginners.

Naturally, he did a fantastic job. It satisfies every requirement we set down above for the best beginning longboard. Furthermore, it is extremely resistant to dents, seawater, and the wear and tear of years because of its expanded polystyrene core, rigid polyethylene bottom, and protective tail cover.

It is among the most inexpensive classic longboards, similar to the Wavestorm above, and, in all truth, it has a more pleasing appearance than the Wavestorm’s now-dated design. Even seasoned surfers may enjoy it on little waves thanks to the board’s relatively narrow and thin design and amaze themselves. Overall, it’s the most deserving challenger to the Wavestorm and a great replacement.

Specification and features

  • Dimensions: 96″ x 22″ x 3″
  • 5 lbs. is the weight.
  • Weight Capacity: 200 lbs.
  • Gerry Lopez created the form using his trademark designs and deck.
  • 100% waterproof core made of EPS foam
  • Three wooden stringers
  • High-density polyethylene with a hard bottom
  • Skin for IXPE/XPE deck


  • It has three fin setup
  • Highly designed
  • Good for beginners


  • A bit heavier

How we tested California Company Gerry Lopez beginner longboard of 8 feet 

We as an expert on this longboard suggest that it is highly recommendable. Three surf fins, a surf leash, and an attached traction mat are included with the Gerry Lopez 8′ surfboard, which is only sold at Costco. Both novice and experienced riders will enjoy riding on this board because it is the ideal size and forum for them.

Buying Guide for Best Longboard For Beginners Adults

When buying boards you should keep some factors in mind. All of these factors are given below.

1. Board shape and design

The first thing to keep in consideration while buying a longboard is its shape and design. If you are a novice, a longboard will let you enter and exit larger waves easily. Your board’s design goes with its form.

The form of a longboard surfboard can be either regular or broad. A broad board is adaptable and does a great job of handling the big waves. A broad board, however, requires a little more practice to learn. A normal board makes learning much simpler.

Balance and versatility are the two main features of a longboard. A normal board will enable you to enter and exit smaller waves more swiftly if you plan to surf them. A broad board can let you surf on bigger waves if you want to do so.

2. Rails

Rails are present at the bottom of a surfboard. Their basic purpose is to make riders’ rides more stable and easy. A rail is a piece of flat wood that is fastened to the board’s front and rear. The board can float more easily in the water thanks to the rails.

Two different rail kinds are noticeable. There are softer rails and harder rails; a soft rail is more responsive, while a hard rail is more stable. Harder rails make a longboard more stable, while softer rails make a board more agile.

3. Rocker

The board’s rocker determines how it spins in the water. A longboard may be spun in any direction and has a flat bottom. Additionally, the board has a nose rocker, which is a rocker in the board’s nose.

4. The measurement of a board’s length

When you are buying a longboard, the most obvious thing that comes to mind is the length of the board you should get. A long form is used to create longboards, and the size you choose will depend on your height. A longboard will typically be between 8 and 10 feet long for most users.

Due to the lower size of longboards, if you are just 5’8″ tall, your longboard will likely be 8 feet long.

5. Fins

You must use caution when selecting fins. Longboards come in a variety of fin types on the market. Choose the best fit for you.

i. Single Fin

The most popular fin style available today is the single fin. The best feature of a single fin is that the rider can see the single fin at the bottom of the board. You’ll also see that the fin is fastened to the board’s front. The rider can enter the waves more easily and exit them more rapidly with a single fin.

ii. Twin Fins

A twin fin has two fins, one on each side of the board, similar to a single fin. Despite being more difficult to utilize, twin fins are quite comparable to single fins.

iii. Three fins

Three-fin systems, also called tri-fins, have one fin on each side of the board. They also resemble single fins in many ways. Triple fins are simple to operate and provide excellent water movement.

iv. Four fins

A quad fin system is similar to a triple fin system but adds a fin to the back of the board. Quad fins provide a steady platform in the water, which is a terrific method to enhance your surfing.

6. You’re riding technique 

Each has a different preferred style of riding. You’ll be in a good position to choose your longboard if you can comprehend each type and determine where you fit in. There are four distinct longboard riding styles, to keep things simple.

  • Cruising
  • Freestyle
  • Free ride
  • Downhill

7. Riding environment

It is crucial to consider your riding surroundings. You can use it to choose the ideal parts for your system. We will go over a few examples to make my point more clear.

  • Rough Terrain 
  • Quick turns

8. Rough Terrain 

You should choose a board with big, soft wheels if the roads you’ll be riding on have cracks and pebbles. Big, pliable wheels can bend and absorb impacts, making them simpler to roll over uneven terrain. More often, harder wheels will seize up and knock you off the board. Also, you’ll need a deck that is on the larger side. There will be more surface area to balance with a longer, wider deck. There is more room for your feet on a larger deck.

9. Quick turns 

Here are a few things to think about if you reside in a region where you’ll need to make quick maneuvers. Traditional kingpin trucks (TKPs) may be preferable to reverse kingpins (RKPs). Because their larger baseplate angle allows for more turns, TKPs are more nimble. TKPs won’t handle faster speeds as well as RKPs, so be careful of that. A more nimble configuration will also benefit from a shorter wheelbase.

The best option is to use TKPs with a shorter wheelbase if you need to be able to make fast bends. You might also want to think about a setup with a greater degree of kick tail/nose. You can utilize the kicktail to correct if your weight distribution prevents you from making a tight turn.

10. Your budget 

If your budget is around 100 dollars you should search around your area, someone likely has an outdated longboard lying around that you can update for little money. If your budget is more than 150 or 200 dollars it will significantly increase your setup. 

5 Suggestions to help novices get the best longboards and prevent failure

  • Custom build or purchased 
  • Choose the construction type 
  • Utilizing longboard 
  • Choosing longboard trucks 
  • Choose a longboard bearing

Custom build or purchased 

Before anything else, be aware that there are two ways to obtain a longboard. Either make one from scratch or purchase one that has already been made. It might be wiser to get one rather than go through all the difficulty while you are still learning. It will be simpler to obtain the top longboard for beginners as a result.

Choose the construction type 

Next, pick the construction material, which can be either natural materials like strong and resilient Maple wood or light bamboo that offers lots of flexibility. Also, you can select some of the more expensive options and select materials that are incredibly light, like carbon fiber.

Utilizing longboard 

A cruiser is a great board if you wish to commute over long distances frequently because it helps to appropriately distribute your weight. A downhill skateboard is the best option if you prefer something that will provide you with more speed. But, beginners are not advised to use it.

Choosing longboard trucks 

Choose the length of the longboard trucks that you require. Make sure you closely match this because the width of the hanger should be comparable to the width of the board. Choose the vehicles’ baseplates as well. Although the baseplate angle is typically 50 degrees, yours may be different. A high baseplate angle will cause the truck to turn more, whereas a low baseplate angle will cause it to turn less.

Choose a longboard bearing

Choose the wheels and bearings last. To be able to enjoy a smooth ride and avoid wheel bites, it is crucial to be knowledgeable about the various types and forms of wheels, which range from extremely hard to soft ones. About the bearings, they are all almost the same size and provide no specific details about important elements like load handling capacities and more.

Although most bearings are measured by an ABEC rating, certain businesses opt to ignore these ratings. A higher ABEC grade translates to more accurate and precise bearing for those using the bearing system.

Parts of a Longboard


The majority of the wooden board is made up of the deck.

Grip Tape

The sticky tape keeps your feet firmly planted on the board.


The big piece of metal with wheels on either side is known as the truck.

Truck and Bolt Nuts

These are used to attach the truck to deck


It is the triangle part of a truck


The axle is a sizable pin that connects the wheels to the hanger.


To lift the deck, a riser can be inserted between the truck and the deck. This avoids wheel biting during wider turns.


This is a larger pin used to hold the truck in place


Different stress levels can be found in the bushings that are positioned around the kingpin.
They prevent the components from rubbing up against one another.


The wheels on the truck axle can rotate thanks to the bearings. Excellent bearings enable faster wheel rotation.

Axle Nut and Spacer

The bearings and wheels are fastened to the axle via axle nuts and spacers.

Types of longboards

Longboards come in a variety of styles, some with glaring distinctions and others with more subtle ones. To choose the type of longboard that would work best for you, first think about what you want from it.

Carving longboard

Longboards that can carve are made to make it simple for the rider to switch from turning to turning down a hill. With other styles of longboards, this zigzagging motion is more difficult. The concave surface of the carving longboard enables you to maintain a strong grip on the board while you turn. With a carving longboard, the trucks are positioned freely to facilitate turning.
Sometimes spacers are placed between the trucks and the board to prevent wheel catching. The wheels rest on either side of the board since it tapers in. To allow you to make big turns without scuffing the ground, the board is frequently placed a little higher than other longboards.

Cruiser longboard

Longboard cruisers are excellent for beginners. They move effortlessly down the promenade or park, allowing you to glide downhill with ease. They are substantially more sturdy than a carving longboard but do not turn as easily. This kind of board frequently resembles a surfboard in shape. On top of the trucks is the board.

Freestyle longboard

Freestyle longboards are made for riding on flat land, but they are also wonderful for slowly sliding down hills. This board is great for performing tricks. The trucks on this kind of board are almost usually dropped through the deck, which lowers the rider’s center of gravity and gives them more control.

Push longboard

Push longboards are made for long-distance travel. They are ideal for commuting to work or school. If you want a longboard to travel from point A to point B, this is the one for you even if they are difficult to turn on and not fantastic for tricks.

Dance longboard

Large enough to spin and dance on, dance longboards are. They have a flat deck with a kicktail. This board is mostly intended for flatland stunts and riding.

Free ride longboard

Free-ride longboards are designed to slide and descend hills. When a cyclist slides, they make a sharp turn and move parallel to the hill while wearing gloves. Free ride boards exist in a variety of designs, but all have small wheels and a low-to-the-ground deck.

Downhill longboard

Longboards that are made for downhill use are made to travel quickly down hills. Some longboarders who go downhill can travel at 70 mph. For obvious reasons, this kind of longboarding necessitates a lot of safety equipment.

What size longboard should I get for surfing?

The kind of surfing you want to do will determine the size of your surfboard. If you are a beginner, you should get a longboard approximately 8 feet in length. But as you gain experience, you’ll want to get a longer board (9 to 10 feet).

What is a high-performance longboard and what is its purpose?

A board called an HPLB has a longer nose and tail than a typical longboard. They are excellent for wave surfing. They are lighter than longboards. Beginners and advanced surfers alike will love HPLB.

Are longboards a decent choice for new surfers?

Longboards are the ideal option if you are just starting. Longboards are simpler to use than shortboards, despite the odd seeming statement.

Can a longboard handle the larger waves or not?

When surfing larger waves, a longboard is not the best tool, especially in rapid, barreling waves with sporadic closeout guillotines. Strong swells increase the risk of breaking a leash and hurting yourself or others if you lose control of a longboard.

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It is crucial to know that a wide variety of boards are appropriate for novices. The key is to make sure the board is appropriate for both your skill level and the type of surfing you like. If you want to start surfing but aren’t sure which longboard surfboard is ideal for beginners, make sure to look into all of your alternatives first.

Ask surfers you know for guidance, recommendations, and information, and make use of their experience. If you learn to surf with a friend or by enrolling in a few surfing classes, you’ll be astonished at how quickly you pick it up.

Rent different types of longboards before buying your first longboard to get an idea of which longboard better suits you. You may evaluate which surfboard best suits you in this way without having to pay hundreds (or thousands) of dollars upfront.

I was born and raised in the U.S. I started skating at the age of 10 when I got my first skateboard. I started doing longboarding a few years ago and I loved it so much that I started my own website.

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